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17 Things That Are As Close To "Perfect" As This Cruel World Can Offer

*Sobs in perfectionist.*

1. These cats that might as well be named Yin and Yang.

Perfectly cozy, curled up cats from oddlysatisfying

2. This stack of mini pancakes that look like they came out of a cloning machine.

My pretty stack of mini pancakes from oddlysatisfying

3. This fallen tree that's keeping the balance in a Louisiana swamp.

A single fallen tree holding back the Duckweed in the wetlands of Louisiana from oddlysatisfying

4. This lemon cheesecake that has a smoother surface than an ice skating rink.

After several attempts I finally got my lemon cheesecake and I am very satisfied with the result! from oddlysatisfying

5. This drain that decided to just go with the flow.

[OC] Went for a walk with my boyfriend and was pleasantly surprised how this drain fit perfectly from oddlysatisfying

6. This color-coordinated dynamic duo.

Perfect Resemblance Between Parrot and Mango. from oddlysatisfying

7. This carved apple that belongs in a museum.

Beautiful apple carving from oddlysatisfying

8. These piano cakes that are fit for a queen.

Piano cake. Unbelievable to look at. Very talented Chef. from nextfuckinglevel

9. This stream of water that could very well be shooting out of the drain hole instead of the faucet.

The way this stream of water flows straight into the hole is oddly satisfying. from oddlysatisfying

10. This polite gentleman whose hat tips with the top of your lighter.

m'lady satisfy sir oddlyfying from oddlysatisfying

11. This cup of water that said "psh" to the whole "glass half full" thing.

Friend made this perfect pour on accident from HydroHomies

12. This concert bracelet that — for the first time in history — actually aligned.

I hope I'm not the only one who's wished for the sticky part of a bracelet to align perfectly. from oddlysatisfying

13. This pup who is one with the ocean.

The way this doggo’s fur lines up with the water from oddlysatisfying

14. And this kitty who is one with the floor.

The way this cat blends into the wood from oddlysatisfying

15. These book spines that should be the gold standard for every literary series.

Book series’ with spines like these from oddlysatisfying

16. This before and after of a coffee pot that might just have a genie inside of it.

The way my $5 thrift store coffee pot cleaned up (trying again because I apparently don't know how to Reddit) from oddlysatisfying

17. And this yogurt with a spotless lid.

My yogurt lid came out immaculate from oddlysatisfying

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