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1. 「えんじぇる」→「✨エンジェル✨」

A poorly done tattoo of an angel and a beautiful cover-up of an angel

2. 「おーしゃん」→「✨オーシャン✨」

A blotchy tattoo of a starfish and beautiful cover-up an underwater scene

3. 「???」→「✨ローズ✨」

A blotchy tattoo of a rose a beautiful detailed cover-up of a rose

4. 「まいける」→「✨マイケル✨」

A poorly done tattoo of stars and footprints with the name "Michael" and a cover-up of bigger stars and the name "Michael"

5. 「兄妹のイニシャル」→「✨誕生日にちなんだ花✨」

A faded tattoo of angel wings and initials and colorful cover-up of flower

6. 「いなずま」→「✨アザミ✨」

A tattoo of a lightening bolt that looks like a twig and cover-up of a Scottish thistle

7. 「ちょうしんき」→「✨お花✨」

A tattoo of a stethoscope that looks like a penis when a watch is worn and cover-up of a beautiful flower

8. 「かお?」→「✨ファンタジック✨」

A bad tattoo of the comedy and tragedy masks and a huge cover-up of a bird and trees

9. 「やぎ」→「✨ドラゴン✨」

A tattoo outline of a goat smoking and huge cover-up of a dragon

10. 「ゆうひ」→「✨トトロ✨」

A poorly done tattoo of a sunset and a cover-up of an cute animal

11. 「なまえ」→「✨アート✨」

A smudged tattoo of a name and cover-up of Tim Burton-esque scene

12. 「うすいたとぅー」→「✨立派な馬✨」

A huge very faded tattoo and a huge cover-up of a horses face

13. 「ごにょごにょ」→「✨美しい夕日✨」

A tattoo of a quote and a colorful cover-up of a tree, the ocean, and sunset

14. 「はちどり?」→「✨バラ✨」

An extremely faded tattoo of a bird and a detailed cover-up of flowers

15. 「ちょうちょ」→「✨お花の腕輪✨」

A faded butterfly tattoo and a wrap around cover-up of flowers

16. 「ふぇにっくす」→「✨フェニックス✨」

A half-done tattoo of a phoenix a completed colorful version

17. 「はーと」→「✨フクロウ✨」

A tattoo of heart with "equality" written inside and a cover-up of a colorful owl

18. 「めいげん」→「✨クジャク✨」

A poorly done tattoo of a quote a a huge cover-up of vibrant peacock

この記事は英語から翻訳・編集しました。 翻訳:アシュウェル英玲奈