12 Weird German Christmas Traditions You Should Try This Year

    Goodbye Santa Claus, hello Christkind!

    1. Get drunk all day at your local Christmas market.

    2. Eat chocolate every morning thanks to an Adventskalender.

    3. Manically bake at least ten kinds of Christmas cookies a day.

    4. Celebrate the four Sundays before Christmas just because.

    5. ... by lighting a candle on a special Advent wreath that HAS TO BE homemade.

    6. Put a single shoe outside your front door to receive chocolate and presents from the OG Santa: Nikolaus.

    7. Eat an absolutely not festive meal on the most important Christmas holiday.

    8. Go to church purely to kill time on December 24th.

    9. Open all the presents a day early to annoy the rest of the world.

    10. Instead of Santa let infant Jesus bring you presents.

    11. Have a whole roast goose for lunch on December 25th. (Or get a seitan goose if you're veggie.)

    12. Celebrate Christmas a third time on the 26th of December.