20 Traditional German Christmas Sweets You Need To Try ASAP

    It's Plätzchen, bitch.

    1. The traditional Nürnberger Lebkuchen

    2. The ever so cinnamony Zimtsterne

    3. The layered Dominosteine

    4. The one and only Schokoladenweihnachtsmänner

    5. The controversial Marzipankartoffeln

    6. The perfectly flaky Vanillekipferl

    7. The funny-looking Spekulatius

    8. The coconutty Makronen

    9. The classic Spitzbuben

    10. The crumbly Heidesand

    11. The alcoholic Christstollen

    12. The subtle Marzipanherzen

    13. The soft Lebkuchenherzen

    14. The crafty Springerle

    15. The warming Bratapfel

    16. The unnecessary yet essential Napolitains-Bündel

    17. The humble Schokokränze

    18. The moist Baumkuchen

    19. The nutty Bethmännchen

    20. The crunchy gebrannte Mandeln

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