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16 Quirky Lies Our Parents Told Us Growing Up

We believed them all. One thing's for sure: You can't stretch the truth when it comes to the chocolatey chunks of Chip's Ahoy! Cookies — they're delicious!

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1. "My dad would tell me that if I bit my nails I would grow a hand in my stomach." —Laura

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2. "My mom gave me 'homesick remedy' for when I was away from home. It worked every time I took a sip! I later learned it was just water. #bummer" —Jana

3. "My parents assured me I was a Viking descendant. I didn't even ask questions." —Clark / Getty Images

4. "My dad told me coconuts were actually dinosaur eggs." —Stephanie

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5. "My dad told me that when body parts get old they turn to marble...and we had a marble hand scuplture on our piano..." —Kristin

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6. "My stepdad cooked some squid and made it look like French fries. I hated fish, yet I ate them." —Hannah

7. "My dad once told me not to sneeze with my eyes open or else they'd fall out.'" —Jen

8. "My parents told me they gave away our rabbits to a rabbit farm. AND THEY ACTUALLY DID, 'CAUSE WE VISITED THEM." (So not a lie.) —Ari

9. "Mom said that when the ice cream truck played music, it meant it had run out." —Mark

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10. "My dad told me that if I kept crossing my eyes, they'd stay that way forever." —Jennie


11. "My mom told me that a monster lived in the toilet and would eat you if you stayed in there for too long." —Kim

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12. "My parents would say that potatoes were going to grow in our ears if we didn't clean them." —Liz

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13. "My mom had this funny little blonde hair on her cheek. When I asked why, she said her great-grandfather was a cat." —Ayla


14. "My mom said that my cowlick happened because a cow licked me when I was really young." —Andy

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15. "When I asked how I was born, Dad said I came out of a cabbage." —Madison

16. "If my mom were eating chocolate brownies, she'd say they were made of veggies. Sure enough, I didn't ask for any." —Chris

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Reward yourself for being a great parent with a scrumptious Chips Ahoy! Chunky cookie any evening! (Just don't let the kids know they're tasty!)

Tell us about the craziest lie you've heard (or told) in the comments below!