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    12 Acts Of Kindness Following The Attack That Will Make You Love Barcelona Even More

    Stay strong, Barcelona.

    1. People have flooded social media with pictures of kittens after police requested users not post photos of the crime scene or information that could hinder their operations and reveal information to the terrorists.

    #Barcelona hagamos como los Belgas. Gatito cocinero= desinformación para los terroristas. No tenemos miedo👊🏼

    2. The hashtag #BedInBarcelona is being used by people opening their homes for those who need to stay the night.

    Lanzamos el HT #BedInBarcelona, si alguien necesita donde dormir hoy. RT por favor. If someome need a bed in Barcelona tonight, contact me.

    3. And Barcelona Tourism has offered hotels to tourists staying in the cordoned-off area.

    El Diario / Via

    "Let them come, so that we may care for them until La Rambla reopens," declared Joan Gaspart, president of Barcelona Tourism.

    4. Barcelona taxis have offered free service to anyone who needs it.

    @AlvareJoaquin / Via Twitter: @AlvareJoaquin

    5. So has the private car service Cabify.

    Si estás en #Barcelona y necesitas movilizarte, Cabify será gratuito durante el día de hoy introduciendo el código UNIDOS1708

    6. Barcelona's transport authority announced that the metro and bus will not be asking for tickets.

    ⚠️🚌🚇 Per situació excepcional de col·lapse, facilitem viatjar sense validar títol de transport a #metrobcn i #busbcn #Barcelona #Ramblas

    7. The strike committee of Eulen, workers responsible for security filters at Barcelona's El Prat Airport, has postponed an indefinite strike.

    Cuatro / Via

    8. Although hospitals have reported that they had sufficient reserves, citizens have not missed their chance to go out and donate blood.

    El miedo y el odio no ayudan. Donar sangre sí. #Barcelona

    9. And they have since filled the blood reserves.

    El Periódico / Via

    10. In addition to offering "Safety Check", a service for alerting your loved ones that you're safe, Facebook has launched a service for connecting people in need of help with those offering to assist.

    Facebook / Via Facebook: safetycheck

    11. Just as the hashtag of hate #StopIslam emerged, so too has the hashtag #StopIslamofobia. People also shared heartwarming stories, like this woman who said a Moroccan taxi driver helped her mother get away from the area of the attack.

    Mi madre estaba a 2 calles de las Ramblas. Un taxista marroquí la ha llevado gratis a casa y le ha dicho q no todos son iguales. #Barcelona

    12. And, of course, all emergency services have worked and continue to work tirelessly on all fronts to help in every way possible.

    Lalocracio / Getty Images

    Stay strong, Barcelona.

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