35 Momentos completamente tristes y devastadores de parejas de la tele

    Mi corazón sigue roto, weeee.

    1. Cuando Rebecca corrió de la casa a Jack en This Is Us y él la dejó con este discurso:

    Jack tells Rebecca she wasn't just his love story, but his big break, and says their love story is just getting started

    2. Cuando Jal le dio a Chris una moneda de la suerte antes de su cirugía en Skins:

    Jal handing him the coin as he gets wheeled away: "This is all my luck. It's all I got"

    3. Cuando Wanda tuvo que despedirse de Vision (de nuevo) en WandaVision:

    Vision muses about what he's been in the past and what he might be next, and reasons that they'll see each other again, before saying goodbye to Wanda
    Disney+ / Marvel

    4. Cuando Rue decidió no irse a Nueva York con Jules en Euphoria:

    Jules begs Rue "Please, I love you"

    5. Cuando Chidi y Eleanor se despidieron antes de que borraran el recuerdo de Chidi en The Good Place:

    Eleanor says she wishes they had more time together, but Chidi says time means nothing 'cause of Jeremy Bearimy, and that later they can chill in the dot above the i — Eleanor says they've found each other hundreds of times before and can again

    6. Cuando Elena y Damon bailaron una última vez antes de que a ella la pusieran en coma en The Vampire Diaries:

    The CW

    7. Cuando Sylvie empujó a Loki de vuelta al TVA en Loki:

    Loki says he doesn't want a throne, he just wants Sylvie to be okay — she kisses him, then says she's not him and pushes him through a portal
    Disney+ / Marvel

    8. Cuando Luke descubrió que Jessica había matado a su esposa en Jessica Jones:

    Luke says Jessica slept with him, and asks if Kilgrave made her do that, then emphasizes that she touched him with the hands that killed his wife, and calls her a piece of shit before walking off

    9. Cuando Emily descubrió que Naomi la había engañado en Skins:

    Emily says "You ruined it. You don't want anyone to care. I could be dead in a second. Everything is so fragile. Didn't you realize that? We were special"

    10. Cuando Andy se mudó y se despidió de Haley en Modern Family:

    Imitating other couples, Andy says "I don't regret a single minute I've spent with you" and Haley says "I think you're the first man I've ever loved," then they both grow serious and Andy says "not a single minute" and Haley says Andy was the first

    11. Cuando Cece descubrió que Schmidt la había engañado en New Girl:

    Schmidt telling Cece he's been cheating on her with Elizabeth

    12. Cuando Castiel confesó su amor por Dean justo antes de que éste muriera en Supernatural:

    Castiel tells Dean knowing him has changed him, and that he cared about the whole world because of him, and that he love him
    The CW

    13. Cuando Allison le dijo a Scott que lo amaba, para luego morir en sus brazos en Teen Wolf:

    Allison says it's perfect, because she's in the arms of her first love, the person she'll always love. She says she loves Scott, and Scott begs her to stay with him

    14. Cuando Brooke confrontó a Julian porque éste le dijo a Alex que ella no podía tener hijos en One Tree Hill:

    Brooke cries and asks if Julian told Alex she can't have kids, and he apologizes, but she says what's worse is that Julian told Alex he wants kids, meaning he lied to Brooke but not Alex
    The CW

    15. Cuando Buffy descubrió que el día que ella había pasado con un Ángel humano se borraría tanto del tiempo como de su memoria en menos de un minuto en Angel:

    Buffy asks how to move on with her life and Angel says she'll forget and that it never happened, but Buffy says it did and that it's not enough time, and then repeats "I'll never forget" as she hugs Angel
    The WB

    16. Cuando Amy finalmente admitió sus sentimientos por Karma en Faking It:

    Amy tells Karma she loves her, and Karma replies that she loves her too, more than anything, but not like that

    17. Cuando Jamie encontró a Dani mirando el agua de la tina en The Haunting of Bly Manor:

    Dani says it's getting harder and harder to see herself in her reflection, and maybe she should accept that and go, but Jamie tells her not yet, and that she'll feel for the both of them

    18. Y cuando Jamie la encuentra muerta:

    Jamie screams as she finds Dani drowned at the bottom of the lake

    19. Cuando Dre y Bow decidieron separarse en Black-ish:

    Bow says they should take a break, and Dre agrees. As he leaves, he asks how they got there, and Bow says she doesn't know

    20. Cuando Bella desterró a Rumpelstiltskin en Once Upon a Time:

    Rumple says he doesn't want to lose Belle, but she says he already has — he begs her, saying he's afraid

    21. Cuando Peyton descubrió que su embarazo ponía en riesgo su vida, pero aún así ella y Lucas decidieron tener al bebé en One Tree Hill:

    Lucas says "I can't accept that our story doesn't have a good ending," and Peyton replies that no matter what it has the greatest ending, 'cause they're together
    The CW

    22. Cuando Sid le preguntó a Cassie por qué se había ido en Skins:

    Sid: "Where were you? My dad fucking died. I needed you"

    23. Cuando Clarke estuvo con Lexa cuando ella murió en The 100:

    Lexa tells Clarke her life is over and that life is about more than just surviving. Clarke says, "In peace may you leave the shore. In love may you find the next. Safe passage on your travels until your final journey on the ground. May we meet again"
    The CW

    24. Y cuando Marissa murió en los brazos de Ryan en The O.C.:


    25. Cuando Effy le dijo a Freddie, en el hospital, que lo amaba, en Skins:

    Effie says "I love you" over and over again

    26. Cuando Lydia olvidó a Stiles luego de que este le dijera que la amaba en Teen Wolf:

    Stiles asks Lydia to find some way to remember him. That they danced together, that he had a crush on her, that she saved his life. She says he saved hers too. Then Stiles says, "Remember I love you"

    27. Cuando Sissy y Vanya cortaron porque a Sissy le preocupaba poner a su hijo en peligro en The Umbrella Academy:

    Sissy thanks Vanya for helping her feel alive and hopeful and free, then says she's going to California and can't put her son in any more danger. Vanya tells her to go and have a wonderful life

    28. Cuando Chandler le dijo a Monica que no podían tener hijos en Friends:

    Chandler tells Monica there's a good chance they'll never be able to have kids, and Monica says "Oh my god" and he hugs her, saying they'll figure it out

    29. Cuando Beth y Randall pelearon porque Beth constantemente renunciaba a otras cosas por su carrera en This Is Us:

    Beth asks when she would've done that, between which of his anxiety attacks, then apologizes – Randall says he's going to Philly since he doesn't want to be around her, and says he's out of speeches

    30. Cuando Brooke le rogó a Lucas que la dejara entrar a su vida en One Tree Hill:

    Brooke: "I am not pushing you away Lucas, I am holding on for dear life, but I need you to need me back! Okay, why wouldn't you tell me about the kiss, and why didn't you call me while you were away, and why won't you ever just let me all the way in?"
    The WB

    31. Cuando Ted y su esposa terminaron en Ted Lasso:

    Ted says he wouldn't change a single thing about their relationship, and that he'd do anything to make her happy with him, but he can't, so Michelle doesn't have to try anymore — Michelle consoles him that he's not quitting, he's just letting her go
    Apple TV

    32. Cuando Elena descubrió que Damon había muerto y su fantasma le dijo adiós en The Vampire Diaries:

    Elena begs Damon not to leave her. He says he doesn't have a choice, and that she was the best thing to ever happen to him. He can die knowing he was loved by her
    The CW

    33. Cuando Jess y Nick rompieron en New Girl:

    Nick and Jess say they miss when they were just friends and didn't have to change for each other, and Jess says maybe them loving each other is all they have in common

    34. Cuando Kurt descubrió que Blaine lo había engañado en Glee:

    Blaine: "I needed you and you weren't there. And I was lonely, and...I'm really sorry." Kurt: "You don't think that I've been lonely? You don't think that I've had temptations? But I didn't act on it because I knew what it meant!"

    35. Y, por último, cuando Tara murió justo frente a Willow en Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

    Tara says "Your shirt" after she's shot and blood splatters on Willow's shirt. She falls and Willow cries "Tara? Tara? Baby?"

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