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7 Useful Earthquake Safety Tips Everyone Traveling To Japan Should Know


Japan is a country known for being a seismically active, and there's a chance you'll experience an earthquake, whether small or large.

A manual released by "the Tokyo Metropolitan Government" helps you stay prepared in case a big earthquake strikes.

Here’s a list of safety tips everyone traveling to Japan (or any seismically active area) should know, thanks to a manual released by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government:


4. Never use elevators or try to light a fire.

Disaster Preparedness Tokyo / Via

There's a possibility of gas leaks after a quake, so do not light a fire. Do not touch light switches.

An important thing to remember is to refrain from using the phone for non-emergency calls. This could overload call lines right after an emergency. If it's not urgent, do not call.

5. At train stations, crouch down and wait for the shaking to subside.

Disaster Preparedness Tokyo / Via

Always protect yourself from falling objects. If you're in a crowded platform and you can't move around, crouch down. Never go onto the tracks.

If you are on a train, make sure not to fall over when the train makes an emergency stop. Follow the instructions of train crews once the quake subsides.


You can also use an app like "Safety tips," which alerts you with early earthquake warnings.

The app is available in English, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Korean and Japanese. Download from App Store or Google Play.

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