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1. タイタニック号が衝突した氷山

Black-and-white photo of an iceberg

2. 1960年代の飛行機のファーストクラス

Black-and-white photo of people sitting in what looks more like a living room, with plush, far-apart seats, and a flight attendant walking down a winding staircase

3. 1995年のAmazonのホームページ

Plain text on a gray background, with main headline: "Welcome to Amazon com Books!" subhead: "One million titles, consistently low prices," and underlined headings such as "Spotlight!" and "One Million Titles"

4. アインシュタインが亡くなった日の彼の部屋の様子

Black-and-white photo of a messy desk covered in papers and journals, with a blackboard behind it with lots of writing, and shelves of journals, notepads, and books on either side

5. ラシュモア山国立記念碑の完成予想模型と…

Mock-up of Mount Rushmore showing Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, and Lincoln and their torsos and hands


6. コンピュータアニメーションの進化

Toy Story in 1999 vs Toy Story 3 in 2010, with a far more lifelike and detailed dog

7. ゴッホが使っていた絵の具パレット

A palette with swathes of different-colored paint

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