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1. 完璧に荷物が積み上げられたトラック

Loading like this takes skill, vision, and teamwork in the moving world. Mad respect to those that take pride in their work from Perfectfit


2. 数字のキリがいい完璧なガスメーター

Not sure if this counts? from Perfectfit

3. 完璧に包装されたプレゼント

Wrapping paper alignment from Perfectfit


4. 完璧なグラデーションの影

The shadow of this bench looks like pixels in this picture I took from mildlyinteresting


5. 壁とドアストッパーの間に完璧フィットな掃除機

My vacuum cleaner fits perfectly between my wall and door stopper from oddlysatisfying

6. 肌の色に完璧になじんだ絆創膏

My bandaid is the same exact color as my skin tone from mildlyinteresting


7. お風呂のタイルの大きさに合う完璧なマット

The way my showermat lays on top of the tiles. from Perfectfit

8. 完璧に整理されたケーブル

Pretty satisfied with the cable managment from mildlyinteresting


9. 完璧すぎて食べられないパン

This cornbread I baked from oddlysatisfying


10. 賞味期限まで「MAYO(マヨ)」な完璧マヨネーズ

My mayo’s expiration date is mayo from mildlyinteresting

11. レンガ模様と合う完璧なコンセント

My mom painted this outlet to match the rocks. from mildlyinteresting


12. 本物のニットセーターと間違えるレベルの完璧アイスサンド

The detailed weaved frosting on this cookie from mildlyinteresting


13. 完璧な円の形をしたパンケーキ

My brother made a perfect pancake today from mildlyinteresting


14. 色も形も完璧すぎるバナナ

I bought some suspiciously perfect bananas yesterday from mildlyinteresting


15. 寝るのをはばかられるほど、シワひとつない完璧なベッド

My bed with no wrinkles again from oddlysatisfying

16. パンと全く同じ形に焼けた、完璧な卵

My fried egg and this piece of bread from Perfectfit

17. 車のトランクに完璧に積まれたスーツケース

Our suitcases fitted the trunk of our car absolutely perfectly from Perfectfit