21 Deeply Satisfying Things That Made Me Forget About My Problems For Like Two Minutes

    Chef's — and I cannot stress this enough — kiss.

    1. This pancake that is absolutely ✨flawless✨:

    2. This barely noticeable Band-Aid:

    3. These cables that are 1,000% more organized than I've ever been:

    4. This perfectly wrapped present that's a gift in itself, tbh:

    5. These 'nanners that are so perfect, it's — to quote Gwen Stefani — b-a-n-a-n-a-s:

    6. This yogurt cup that has no right to be as flawless as it is:

    7. This vacuum that fits as snug as a bug in a rug in this corner:

    8. This cornbread that's simply too perfect to be eaten, sorry:

    9. This mayo bottle with a positively brilliant expiration date:

    10. This deeply satisfying gas station experience:

    11. These exquisitely stacked grocery shelves: 

    12. This outlet that is a pro at camouflage: 

    13. This strawberry that loves you berry much:

    14. This iced cookie that I'm not convinced isn't actually just a piece of a knit sweater:

    15. This super smooth pumpkin cheesecake I can't stop staring at:

    16. This bench that proves that even shadows can be satisfying: 

    17. This bed that is so well made, I would simply sleep on the couch instead of disturbing it:

    18. This moving truck that's expertly loaded right to the tippity top:

    19. This egg that turned out eggxactly the right shape for this piece of toast:

    20. These suitcases that fit juuuuuust right:

    21. And finally, this shower mat that was practically made for this bathroom:

    h/t: r/Perfectfit, r/oddlysatisfying, and r/mildlyinteresting