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25 Quirks Swiss Don’t Realize Are Super Weird

The country might be tiny but big enough for absurdities.

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2. The country's flag is a square and not a rectangle. Just because.

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3. After finishing a few weeks military training, reservists get to take their assault rifle (a SIG 90) home. According to the Swiss army, about 650.000 weapons were stored in Swiss homes at the end of 2010.

4. Sharing your laundry room with your neighbours is totally normal. The country might be wealthy, but in nearly every apartment building you have a schedule telling you when to do your laundry.

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Everyone knows the feeling: knocking on a neighbour's door and asking for one free hour, as it can be up to ten days until you have your next slot.


5. There are special recommendations how to tie paper waste together.

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6. In the countryside waste paper is collected by the scouts or other youth groups.

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7. If you would like to have a guinea pig as a pet, you'll have to buy at least two. There's even a law for this.

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8. The national soft drink is made out of milk whey. Yeah.

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9. A low level of security is totally normal. Even members of the Swiss government sometimes take public transport to work without being accompanied by bodyguards.

President of Switzerland, Didier Burkhalter, waiting for train among commuters. No, no bodyguards. RT @magaliphilip

Didier Burkhalter, former president of Switzerland, waiting for his train to Bern in Neuchâtel.

10. Pregnant women have to work until due day.

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11. Cleanliness really is a Swiss thing. You'd be surprised if you come across a dirty street.

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13. Swiss people vote every four months - sometimes on highly complex policies that are kinda hard to understand.

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14. Voting also happens pretty much in public. Your neighbours and your boss probably know your political opinion.

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16. There's an obsession with skiing. Toddlers on the slope? No big deal, kids often learn skiing at the age of three.

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17. Swiss plugs are a bit ~different~. No other country uses the same layout.

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18. Military service is compulsory. Still.

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19. Robidogs are a thing. The green trash cans aren't exclusively, but mainly meant for dog poop.

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