25 Quirks Germans Don’t Realize Are Super Weird

    "WTF?" –The rest of the world.

    1. You have to look at your poop. Every time.

    flickr: johnjackeg / Via CC-BY creativecommons.org

    German toilets even have an inspection shelf, you know... for medical reasons. Though, I suppose it's not the middle age anymore.

    2. Eating raw meat with onions for breakfast.

    lokfuehrer_tim / Via instagram.com

    Who needs jam when you can have raw, minced pork?

    3. Oktoberfest starts in September.

    Christof Stache / AFP / Getty Images

    German punctuality gone too far.

    4. Actually returning recyclables and collecting your deposit.

    Hirschkaeferkind / Via pr0gramm.com

    It's like a challenge.

    5. Water has to be "mineral".

    Twitter: @Jervis_laue

    Sparkling mineral water is a serious thing in Germany. You must have a bottle in your fridge - just in case.

    6. You say "Danke" (Thanks) when you actually mean “No” …

    Itakdalee / Getty Images

    7. ... and “Bitte” (Please) for EVERYTHING ELSE.

    8. Calling water without carbonation "silent water".

    dolfsinkgraven / Via instagram.com

    Oh, and in restaurants, you even have to pay for it.

    9. Germans eat "quark" but can't explain what it is.

    superroxy93 / Via instagram.com

    Is it cream?! Is it cheese?! Something in between?!

    10. You are an alcoholic when you drink beer in the morning. Unless you combine it with a pretzel, a sausage and call it "Weißwurstfrühstück".

    docbayern / Via instagram.com

    Welcome to Bavaria!

    11. There are hundreds of different words for the end crust of bread.

    Getty Images

    Here are 218 of them. Forget it, you will never learn all of them. Just stick with "That thing. Please hand me that thing."

    12. Mixing Beer with Coke.

    missmichellealien / Via instagram.com


    13. There is a juice called "Apfelschorle" which is just apple juice mixed with water.

    fleksitarianizm pl / Via instagram.com

    Germany. The nation of poets and inventors.

    14. The German Beer Purity Law from 1516 still defines the ingredients of german beer today.

    Totalpics / Getty Images

    Wanna hear the three magic words for Germans? Water, barley and hops.

    15. Drive as fast as you want on the Autobahn.

    Tomekd76 / Getty Images

    Even though there is no speed limit, less people die on the german autobahn compared to american highways.

    16. You have to master 3 different words if you want to address someone.


    The german language will just blow your mind.

    17. English-speakers can't wrap their heads around our city called "Itzehoe".


    Just say it out loud.

    18. Eating tangerines in the winter.

    tom_oswald / Via instagram.com

    It's a winter thing - somehow. What's next? Glühwein in summer?

    19. You never cross a red pedestrian light when a kid is watching. Even if there aren't any cars in sight.

    __puschi__ / Via instagram.com

    You just don't do it.

    20. There's a government office called "Ordnungsamt", which literally translates to “office of order.”

    blms___ / Via instagram.com

    Peak Germany.

    21. Differently colored trash bins for different kinds of trash.

    Berliner Stadtreinigung / Via Twitter: @Blogrebellen

    Again peak Germany.

    22. Shops are closed on Sundays. By law.

    stephanreher / Via instagram.com

    The weekend has two days. Saturdays are for shopping and Sundays are for regretting that you forgot to go shopping on Saturday.

    23. The most iconic kids TV character of the past 20 years is a depressed, personified loaf of bread.


    His name is Bernd. "Bernd the bread".

    24. Drinking something called "Dickmilch".

    sarahcooksblog / Via instagram.com

    "Just like Grandma used to make"

    25. Party food? Just stick pretzel sticks in raw meat and call it "pork hedgehog".

    sofischalot / Via instagram.com

    You're welcome.

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