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    18 Strange German Food Habits That Americans Will Never Understand

    Shock and awe.

    1. Porno Marshmallows

    2. Water Ain't Free

    3. Flavored beer

    4. Brotzeit is ForeverZeit

    5. Raw Pork Sandwiches

    6. Staying skinny with Kaffee und Kuchen

    7. Pickled Würste

    8. Eating Pizza With a Knife and Fork

    9. Mayo on French Fries

    10. Chip Flavors like "Cool American"

    11. No ice in your drinks when you are in a restaurant.

    12. We Out the Fridge Now!

    13. Edelschimmel aka Luxurious Mold aka WTF.

    14. Oh-My-God-WTF-Is-That Salad

    15. Leftovers Are Not Really Your Own

    16. Asparagus Fetish

    17. Spreadable Pig Fat Is Cool

    18. Döner Is the Real National Dish of Deutschland