24 Words That Are Better In German

    Germans have a vervollkommnenformulieren for everything.

    1. Tramp stamps are called “Arschgeweih” in German, which translated to “ass antlers."

    2. The sloth is called a "Faultier" in German, which translates as "lazy animal.”

    3. In German, a mullet is a “Vokuhila", which is a portmanteau of "vorne kurz, hinten lang” which translates to “short in the front, long in the back.”

    4. Gloves are “Handschuh” in German, which literally means "hand shoes."

    5. Nipples are called “Brustwarzen” which literally translated to “breast wart."

    6. Diarrhea is "Durchfall” in German. Literally translates as “through fall.”

    7. A gift a husband buys his wife to apologize for doing something inconsiderate is called “Drachenfutter,” which translates to “dragon fodder."

    8. Lightbulb in German is “Glühbirne,” which translates to "glow pear.”

    9. Love handles are called “Hüftgold” in German, which translates to "hip gold”.

    10. In German, a turtle is “Schildkröte,” which translates as "shield toad”.

    11. Slug is “Nacktschnecke” in German. Literally a "naked snail.”

    12. Colloquially, when there’s nothing happening or a situation is really boring, it's called "tote Hose” in German – literally "dead trousers.”

    13. Someone who can’t do anything right is called an “Arschgeige,” which translates as "ass violin."

    14. In German, you don’t do a cannonball into a pool, you do an “Arschbombe,” which literally translates to "ass bomb.”

    15. Gums translates to “Zahnfleisch," which means "Tooth Meat.”

    16. A headlight is called "Scheinwerfer" in German – a “shine thrower.”

    17. Sometimes a bicycle is called a “Drahtesel” in Germany, which means "wire donkey."

    18. In German, a vacuum cleaner is called a “Staubsauger” – literally a "dust sucker.”

    19. A long queue is called a “Warteschlange,” which in German means "waiting snake.”

    20. A squid is known as a "Tintenfisch" in German, which means "ink fish.”

    21. Fireflies are sometimes called "Glühwürmchen" in German, which literally means "little glow worm”.

    22. Airplane is in German is “Flugzeug," which directly translates to "fly-thing."

    23. And vehicle is “Fahrzeug,” or “drive-thing” in German.

    24. Also, the German word for toy is “Spielzeug,” which just mean “play-thing.”