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27 Times The German Language Had To Explain Itself To The Rest Of The World

In Germany you can food your food in a town called food.

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1. When German language nailed it.

2. When German language was as great as German engineering.


Yes, there's really this thingy called "Eierschalensollbruchstellenverursacher" (= a tool that causes a predetermined breaking point in the shell of an egg) in Germany. And it's quite popular, too.

3. When German language was so logical that it confused you.

4. When the pronouns were confusing the hell out of everyone who had to learn German.


5. When Germany showed the world what "wordception" means.

6. When German language had like a GAZILLION ways to say "Why".

7. When a simple street sign in Berlin turned into a tourist attraction.


8. When German language showed that Germans have a strange relationship to their tools. Or their mothers.


9. When German language was so complicated it could lead to some serious misunderstandings!


10. When German language messed with your tongue really hard.


11. When a single letter made a huge difference.

12. When even German kids got involved in this mess!


13. When someone invented this proverb and thought: Yeah, that sounds good!

14. When German language had a word for absolutely everything, no matter what you wanted to express.


15. Yes. A word for absolutely everything!

16. EVERYTHING! / Greg Rakozy / Via BuzzFeed / h/t Daniel Dalton

17. When animals sounded way cuter in German. Like raccoon.

Via Thinkstock

18. When Germans invented the most German way to express that they don't give a fuck.

19. When German language decided it wanted to be a total mindfuck for everyone who wants to learn it.

20. When German words looked like they have to be kidding you.


21. When German language was only for the brave.

22. When German language wasn't scary but cute as fuck.

23. When Germany invented THIS MOTHERFUCKING LETTER.


24. And all of these.


25. When even The Simpsons had to show the world how the German Language is trolling everyone.

26. When German language surprised you by somehow not being accurate anymore.

27. When German language wasn't as cold and ugly as they always say … but beautiful and emotional. <3