35 Times Germany Was So German It Had To Call The Police To Complain

    Peak Germany.

    1. When German language nailed it.

    2. When German engineering met German language.

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    Yes, "Eierschalensollbruchstellenverursacher" (= a tool that causes a predetermined breaking point in the shell of an egg) is a thing.

    3. Whenever someone tells a joke.

    4. Told you so.

    5. When Germans defined "delay" differently.

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    6. When Germany showed what "wordception" means.

    7. When a single letter made a huge difference.

    8. When this makes every German sing a creepy song where you have to switch vowels.

    9. When this was Breaking News.

    10. Also this.

    11. When Germany was efficient AF.

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    12. When this is a totally acceptable proverb.

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    "Alles hat ein Ende, nur die Wurst hat zwei" means "Everything has to come to an end".

    13. When Germans have a word for absolutely everything, no matter what you want to express.

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    Same, Germany. Same.

    15. When Germans turned one of their national dishes into an energy drink.

    16. When the German language somehow wasn't accurate anymore.

    17. When the German Army really didn't want to be contacted through email.

    18. When German kids went to school with this bus.

    19. When Germans made this user manual for a toilet brush.

    20. When they invented the most German way to express that they don't give a fuck.

    21. When they even made a special German version of a toolbox.

    22. When this is an acceptable way of eating ass in Germany.

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    These sweets are called "ass with ears". You're welcome.

    23. When there's nothing more complicated than buying a fucking ticket.

    24. When Germany had the best offer.

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    "Cocktail of the day: Beer."

    25. When this was a legit German meal.

    26. When Germans cared about their trash a bit too much.

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    "Yes, that's right. I don't want my trashcans to get dirty. Problem???"

    27. When Germans cared for their beer a bit too much.

    28. When Germany created this kids' TV show.

    29. When German children grew up with these bedtime stories.

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    Learn more about "Struwwelpeter" here.

    30. When Germans build hedgehogs out of raw minced pork to eat them at any time of the day.

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    Don't mess with this Mett-Igel!

    31. When German language decided it wanted to be a total mindfuck for everyone who wants to learn it.

    32. When driving through Germany means ending up with these.

    33. When Germany invented THIS MOTHERFUCKING LETTER.

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    34. When Germans start freaking out because of "Pfand".

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    35. When Germany did everything for you to not get hurt.


    Awwwww! <3