19 German Stereotypes That Don't Make Sense To The Rest Of The World

    A German woman tweeted all the things that are *REALLY* typically German, and everyone's like: "Jawohl!"

    This woman made a Twitter thread about the biggest quirks Germans can't explain to the rest of the world.

    Twitter: @aIessiasdua

    She's German, so she must know.

    1. "Bernd das Brot"

    KiKA / Via Twitter: @aIessiasdua

    Same, Bernd. Same.

    2. "Wochenend-Einkauf"

    2. buying groceries when the weekend is approaching as if the world is going to end

    Weekend shopping is a thing.

    And this reply.

    3. This very German habit.

    Twitter: @aIessiasdua

    But why don't Germans clap when a bus approaches one of its stops?

    4. This ad.

    4. "und wenn du nach hause kommst bin ich nicht mehr manuel neuer"

    Twitter: @aIessiasdua

    It's an ad for Coke Zero, featuring Manuel Neuer, the goalkeeper for the German national soccer team. And a creepy girlfriend.

    5. Allotment gardens

    5. schrebergärten (most likely next to the train railway)

    Twitter: @aIessiasdua

    To many Germans this is better than yoga, sex or vacation.

    6. "Sanifair-Bons"

    Twitter: @aIessiasdua

    If you're stopping for a toilet break at an Autobahn service station, you usually have to pay a fee, something around 70 cent, but you receive one of those vouchers over 50 cent to use in the service shop.

    7. Berliner, Pfannkuchen, Krapfen.

    Twitter: @aIessiasdua

    German donuts. Depending on where you are in Germany, you might start a war by just calling them the wrong name. Whilst most Germans say "Berliner" (in the North) or "Krapfen" (in the South), people in Berlin actually say "Pfannkuchen", which means "pancake" in the rest of Germany ... yes, it's complicated!

    8. This genius idea to please everyone.

    Twitter: @aIessiasdua

    Why have one flavour if you can have many?

    9. "Sandmännchen".

    9. actually yawning and falling asleep while watching this

    Twitter: @aIessiasdua

    It's a TV show starring the Sandman. Before he sends you to sleep by sprinkling sleeping sand in your eyes, you get to see a children's short movie called "Abendgruß".

    10. This candy.

    11. "Kater" and "Muskelkater".

    12. This argument.

    ProSiebenSat.1 Produktion / Via Twitter: @aIessiasdua

    Every German knows this infotainment TV show.

    13. This time of the day.

    Twitter: @aIessiasdua

    Always after the "Tagesschau", the national news show.

    14. This refreshment.

    Twitter: @aIessiasdua

    15. The vs. The.

    Twitter: @aIessiasdua

    German articles are rocket science.

    16. This audiobook series for kids.

    16. u all don't know what u were missing

    Franckh-Kosmos / Via Twitter: @aIessiasdua

    17. "Warentrenner".

    Twitter: @aIessiasdua

    You can drive Germans crazy simply by not using them.

    18. This compliment.

    18. this instead of clapping after a speech

    Twitter: @aIessiasdua

    If you're happy and you know it, KNOCK ON YOUR TABLE!

    19. This TV show for kids named "Knowledge says 'Ah!'".

    WDR Köln / Via Twitter: @aIessiasdua

    They teach you everything you need to know.

    There are even more great stereotypes – you can find them in the replys to her tweet.

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