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A Driver Decided To Park His Range Rover Onto Some Train Tracks In Brussells

By which we learn that a Range Rover can run on the rails of the Belgian capital.

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Riders of a Brussels commuter train on Monday had traffic stopped because of an "obstacle" on the tracks.

#stibT3, #stibT4 et #stibT51 Pas de circulation entre #GareDuMidi et #PorteHal Obstacle sur les voies Longue durée #stib

The "obstacle" was a Range Rover jammed on the rails, photographed by several users.

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"I had just arrived at Brussels Midi and I saw something really weird: a car on the rails inside the subway station," one person wrote.

Just arrived at #BrusselsMidi train station and saw the most weird thing.a car on the rails inside the metro station


The driver "refused for a long time to get out of his car," according to Belgian newspaper Le Soir. He was eventually taken to a police station.

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Which obviously got some laughs from the police officers.

Les flics sont en train de faire des selfies avec la Range Rover bloquée dans le tunnel des trams. #stib #Bruxelles #yolo

The spokesman for the transit authority told the Soir that there were no injuries.

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Repair services cleared the Range Rover by Monday night, and traffic resumed as normal by Tuesday morning.

This is not the first time a car ventured into the metro of the Belgian capital. The evening of Dec. 31, youths drove a vehicle on the stairs of a Brussels metro station.

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