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    Why Did Charity Johnson Pretend To Be A Teenager For Nearly 20 Years?

    The 34-year-old Texas woman didn’t want to steal money or hurt anyone. So why did she trick people all over the country into believing she was still in high school?

    Katie J.M. Baker a day ago 516 responses

  • My Year In The NRA

    I grew up and raised my family in Newtown, Connecticut — and own guns. After 26 of my neighbors were massacred, I signed up to see how the organization that controls our gun debates works.

    Rob Cox 5 days ago 92 responses

  • Ryan Adams Finally Finds His Way Home

    An alt-country wunderkind who hates country music, a restlessly prolific songwriter stifled by his label, a reformed hell-raiser determined to maintain privacy in a celebrity marriage. For 20 tumultuous years, Ryan Adams has done things the hard way, but thanks to a thriving new studio-cum-clubhouse — and a surprising amount of pinball — he’s finally at ease.

    Bob Mehr a week ago 85 responses

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    How Police Caught The Cop Who Allegedly Sexually Abused 8 Black Women

    Prosecutors say Officer Daniel Holtzclaw made a mistake after a series of sexual assaults on black women in Oklahoma City — he profiled the wrong woman. His family says he’s a victim of “solicited testimony” from women who have “personal motives” to lie. BuzzFeed News reports from the Oklahoma County courtroom where, Wednesday, prosecutors described a pattern of sexual harassment and assault.

    Jessica Testa 2 weeks ago 463 responses

  • Meet The Women You Call When Your Nude Photos Wind Up Online

    This week’s hack of celebrity nudes may be the most high-profile example of “revenge porn” — humiliating women by spreading private photos. A dedicated group of activists, led by the mother of a victim, has been pushing for more aggressive laws, but can this really be stopped?

    Ryan Broderick 2 weeks ago 197 responses

  • Seven Days And Nights In The World’s Largest, Rowdiest Retirement Community

    Boasting 100,000 residents over the age of 55, The Villages may be the fastest growing city in America. It’s a notorious boomtown for boomers who want to spend their golden years with access to 11 a.m. happy hours, thousands of activities, and no-strings-attached sex, all lorded over by one elusive billionaire.

    Alex French 3 weeks ago 346 responses

  • Carefree Black Girl: The Life And Death Of Karyn Washington

    The 22-year-old old creator of the For Brown Girls blog and the #DarkSkinRedLip project epitomized the Tumblr-popularized image of a Carefree Black Girl. After news of her suicide spread this spring, many were left asking: How could a woman whose mission was to uplift others take her own life?

    Anita Badejo 3 weeks ago 481 responses

  • Ferguson’s Angry Young Men

    Dismissed as “agitators” and “fools,” Ferguson’s young protesters are actually ordinary young black men — and some women — who are leaderless but united by anger. And some don’t think the old civil rights guard achieved much: “I feel in my heart they failed us.”

    Joel Anderson 4 weeks ago 133 responses

  • Murder And Manifest Destiny On The Mosquito Coast

    Fifteen years ago, a mysterious Greek entrepreneur bought and resold a series of tiny islands off the coast of Nicaragua, setting off a bizarre and tragic chain of events that included a reality-TV sensation and allegations of an insidious murder plot. The ensuing chaos brought to light a centuries-old question: Who does land really belong to?

    Freda Moon 4 weeks ago 65 responses