19 British Tweets That Cracked Us Up This Week

    "brits love saying ‘oh here comes trouble!’ and it’s just a middle aged woman in a polka dotted top"



    My age mates are now posting whatsapp stories. Yeah they’re all auntied and uncled off.

    — T (@MrTund) May 18, 2023


    The intern at ITV2 just fell to their knees https://t.co/awm9m1vp8S

    — andrew (@floellaumbagabe) May 16, 2023


    Just nipping into the Esso garage for a nice tall glass of Coke with a slice of lemon pic.twitter.com/Z9z2IpfSPz

    — Stuart McPherson (@StuartMcP) May 17, 2023


    Wow so no bank holiday tomorrow fr ?🥲

    — kossy🌹 (@brendaukxo) May 14, 2023


    at this point watching love island has become like jury duty for me, i’m not really enjoying it but i have to be involved https://t.co/iQhpNmRdxP

    — Ruby Naldrett (@rubynaldrett) May 17, 2023


    https://t.co/vjERmafCie pic.twitter.com/SII5cPVV6Y

    — cinnamon apple 🍏 (@konylishious) May 16, 2023


    My sister sent me this photo of a menu she saw on holiday and I'm crying. pic.twitter.com/piPtJSFtIY

    — Suicidal Dracula (@500cigarettes) May 13, 2023


    Louis Walsh never said “You look like a pop star, you sound like a pop star. You are a pop star!” And I’ll die on this hill. Provide me with video evidence of him saying it I beg you.

    — harry x (@harryjonesxx) May 15, 2023


    Viewers and journalists eagerly tuning into This Morning for the latest on Phil and Holly

    This Morning: pic.twitter.com/wvnWrRHSVz

    — Scott Bryan (@scottygb) May 15, 2023


    I said bitch WHERE?? pic.twitter.com/FgoEUH4PeZ

    — Dan 🪩 (@bydanram) May 13, 2023


    brits love saying ‘oh here comes trouble!’ and it’s just a middle aged woman in a polka dotted top

    — kim fox’s krusty fringe (@felonioustwunk) May 13, 2023


    not seen a single “feeling like floyd in this may weather ☀️” tweet, we’re in the trenches fam. https://t.co/eXKWzoJqCo

    — yoruba angel. (@purestformula) May 12, 2023


    The fire department are trying to show they're supportive but I'm fully dying at the implication that we will simply just all burn pic.twitter.com/ufKq0m67BO

    — Jazz ⧗ (@DerpSwan) May 13, 2023


    NO NOTES HERE https://t.co/oKeB2syVvv pic.twitter.com/D13dC3I9L3

    — Beth McColl (@imbethmccoll) May 16, 2023


    I know a while back we'd slag Americans for being too sensitive around the word cunt but I feel like they've overcorrected.

    — Chris Thorburn (@CBThorburn) May 18, 2023


    I can’t believe I’m about to put on my heating in May…you see what happens when Camilla becomes queen, the spirit of Diana is punishing the country

    — ada enechi (@adaenechi) May 12, 2023


    Over the last 8 years of living in South London, there has been at least one copy of Hellraiser on VHS on top of the bus stop at East Street.

    The most I have ever seen up there is three. No idea how they get there, no idea who regulates it. But it has always been one of my… pic.twitter.com/cPg5iEt1lw

    — Jack Rogers (@JackMRog) May 13, 2023


    me coming for your family 😈 #Eurovision pic.twitter.com/6cpFeXLHLz

    — Duolingo 🇬🇧 (@duolingoUK) May 13, 2023