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    "Go Take A Honda Civic Selfie": 18 Of James Kennedy's Most Memorable Moments From "Vanderpump Rules"

    While James Kennedy has clearly had his fair share of problematic moments over the years, I think we can all agree he's now the #1 guy in the group.

    Today we are here, yet again, to discuss the cultural phenomenon and reality TV show Vanderpump Rules. And this time we will be specifically discussing one cast member on the show who is, by all accounts, a perfect reality TV villain.

    A group photo of the Vanderpump Rules cast

    I am, of course, talking about one DJ James Kennedy.

    A headshot of James Kennedy

    And I also still routinely think about this Jurassic Park-themed Instagram story from him that I took a screenshot of on December 31, 2017.

    So let's take a look back at just some of DJ James Kennedy's funniest moments on the show thus far and remember how funny this British DJ is at times.

    1. In Season 3, when James Kennedy told Tom Sandoval to, "Go take a Honda Civic selfie."

    James Kennedy screencap from "Vanderpump Rules"

    2. In Season 4, when Scheana throws a costume party for her birthday, James Kennedy shows up in this wig. I'm sorry, but this alone was funny to me.

    James Kennedy wearing a brown wig

    Naturally, after Kristen Doute suggests he maybe "drink some water" he instead proceeds to get *very* drunk by chugging this bottle of Fireball while still donning the brown wig.

    James Kennedy chugging Fireball whiskey

    Before exclaiming, "That was so crazy, guys!"

    A screencap of James Kennedy

    3. Also in Season 4, James Kennedy ends up cheating on Kristen Doute with Scheana's friend, Jenna. It's a really mean thing to do, but it did give us one of his most memorable confessional lines: "The truth is, Jenna and I were definitely boning."

    A screencap of DJ James Kennedy

    4. Yet another iconic Season 4 moment is James giving us this perfect talking head quote: "I've honestly been awake for 38 seconds, and this is already the worst day of my life."

    Screencaps of James Kennedy

    5. Basically any time he referred to Jax Taylor as "old man."

    A screencap of James Kennedy

    6. One of his most well-known moments from Season 5 when he yells at Jax, "You need to get more cosmopolitans!"

    James Kennedy screenshot

    BTW, this all happened while James Kennedy donned a plaid infinity scarf around his neck. I genuinely don't think it could get better than this. PUMPTINI!!!!!!!

    James Kennedy screenshot as he yells, "Pumptini!"

    7. The entire Dog Day episode arc for James Kennedy in Season 5 was one that history books should remember. Technically, the editors are the MVPs here, but there is nothing quite like hearing James Kennedy pause his "Pump Sessions" soundtrack to alert the crowd around him that he found a set of keys with a "Mickey Mouse key on it."

    A screencap of James Kennedy

    8. This leads us to the height of James' DJ career thus far: his announcement to "Pick up your dog's poop."

    Screenshot of DJ James kennedy

    9. His reunion performances are pretty much all memorable, but none quite as memorable as when he mimicked Stassi "crawling back from New York."

    A screengrab of James Kennedy crawling on the ground at the Season 5 reunion

    10. James' reaction when Faith drops the massive bomb that she and Jax hooked up (in front of the 95-year-old woman receiving live-in-care from Faith...) at the start of Season 6 is, in one word, beautiful.

    James Kennedy asking if she woke up

    11. Also in Season 6: James and Lala's conversation about pasta heard 'round the world.

    James Kennedy saying, it's not about the pasta

    12. And in Season 6 when James tries to get the girls to stop Brittany from talking about "beating people's asses" after she heard the Jax and Faith recording and then played it over loudspeakers for the entire housewarming party to hear is...mmmm, chef's kiss.

    Brittany Cartwright screaming

    After Brittany delivered her only iconic line to date, James literally scurries away down the hall taking his bottle of alcohol with him. So funny.

    James Kennedy scurrying away

    13. Also from Season 6, James Kennedy reenacts Brittany's reaction to the Jax and Faith recording and gives us yet another incredible moment.

    A screencap of James Kennedy

    14. Season 6 was really, like, James' SEASON! Exhibit 2,482: his reaction to Tom Sandoval's trumpet playing.

    James with his eyes wide in reaction

    15. At the start of Season 7, we find out about James' (low-key iconic??) rap about Jax and Faith.

    screencap of James Kennedy

    16. In Season 10 after James finds out that Raquel's dog Graham had to go to the ER he is very upset and then has this amazing talking head interview moment.

    James saying, dumb and stupid

    17. And then later in Season 10 when James thinks he gets 151 alcohol in his eye and runs away in a panic.

    Peacock / Via Twitter: @dantommorrison

    When this moment happened: Season 10, Episode 12: "Beach, Don't Kill My Vibe"

    James gasps, "AH! AH!" and runs out of the room (tripping on a table on his way out) to "wash 151 out of his eye." Later we find out from the waitress that the middle part — aka the part that got in his eye — is just for decoration and does not actually have any alcohol. Incredible performance nonetheless.

    18. And finally, even though it's not technically part of the Vanderpump Rules discography, his recent performance on the April 26 episode of Watch What Happens Live was one for the books. If you haven't already watched it, I suggest you do.

    A screencap of James Kennedy

    You can watch all of these moments and more on Peacock now!