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    Retire Your Old Toaster Oven And Get This Super Popular One For $60

    It has over 2,000 five-star reviews!!!

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    A toaster oven is probably one of the most useful appliances in the kitchen — especially around the holidays when your full-size oven is occupied by a turkey (or some delish eggplant steaks).


    During the rest of the year, it's great for quickly cooking a frozen pizza, heating up leftovers, baking cookies, and doing pretty much everything your full-size oven can do — no preheating required. If you think about it, it does the job of a toaster, an oven, and a microwave. Talk about multi-tasking!!!

    Picking the right one can be tricky (because there are hundreds of options out there), but this digital convection toaster oven by Oster is approved by thousands of people on the internet.


    Plus, it doesn't cost a fortune at $60.56 on Amazon.

    Equipped with a convection* setting, easy presets (defrost, warm, toast, broil, etc.), a large interior capacity, a wide temperature range (150–450ºF), and a sleek digital control panel, it's not hard to see why this model has 3,500 reviews on Amazon and a 4.2-star rating!


    *Convection ovens are built with a fan inside that circulates hot air around, allowing food to cook more evenly in less time.

    "I have bought other toaster ovens in the past and barely ever used them. Now I know why, because they were cheap and a pain in the *** to use. This one has been life-changing. I use it every day. It was well worth the cost for this reliable, versatile toaster oven. Now I barely ever use my microwave — no need to with this. It reheats quickly and evenly without nuking the food to a rubbery mess like the microwave. If I want to bake or broil something, it's perfect for that, too. Excellent toaster oven!" —Niki

    "Sometimes you purchase an item and have buyer's remorse. Not so with this digital convection toaster oven. I bought it before Thanksgiving to have an extra oven, and it performed magnificently. So nice when you can purchase an inexpensive item, and it exceeds your expectations of an appliance at twice the price. Doesn't happen often enough." —Soaplady

    "Very happy with my first toaster oven! I wanted a more efficient way to reheat foods than using the oven — this turned out to be the perfect choice! I had looked at a more expensive Breville convection toaster oven, but in comparing the two side by side, I decided to go with the Oster not just for the almost $200 savings, but for the look. I just love the black finish and curved sides — it blends so nicely in my kitchen. So far, I have used it to reheat my morning frittatas, roast beets, bake sweet potatoes, and toast pumpkin seeds — I could not be happier with the results!" —joni j

    It can tackle a large 12-inch pizza like a champ.

    "I cook everything in this little oven! It really works great and looks great on the counter. It cooks pizza perfectly, crispy and done every time! Actually, I can't live without it. It's great for hot summer days when you don't want to turn on the big oven." —Brandy

    You'll get perfectly baked cinnamon rolls and dinner rolls every time.,

    "Pizza, cake, meat, burger... No problem. They all fit. This is the best oven we have ever owned. Our most frequently used function is WARM. Simply touch the screen. This oven may consume more power than other small ones but it is totally worth it. The heat power is impressive." —GGSM Mobile

    It's even up to a baked ziti challenge. Your mom will approve.

    "I freaking love this thing. I’ve cooked an entire dish of baked ziti here when my oven was full during Thanksgiving." —Madelene Cruz

    And of course, chicken fingers and other fried foods heat up in this wonderfully.

    "I'm so impressed with this toaster oven. Except for the turkey I cooked at Thanksgiving, I've used this for all of my baking needs. Huge fan of the convection feature and love that I don't have to pre-heat when using convection. My 9"x13" pan does not have handles, so it slides in perfectly. I've baked enchiladas, brownies, pies, chicken breasts/thighs, and pre-cooked chicken patties. Love it! As someone else mentioned, the side gets hot, so don't touch the side. It sits on my counter with enough space so this isn't an issue for me." —Julie Alley

    Plus, the baking racks and crumb tray are dishwasher-safe so cleanup is easy-peasy.


    To ~broil~ down the points: It's powerful, attractive, easy to clean, reasonably priced, and will deliver consistently tasty results. Your full-size oven might even feel a little jealous. 🤷‍♀️ Get it from Amazon for $60.56.

    Ready, set, bake!

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