Bryan Washington Black Athletes Are Black People, And Black People Are Dying

For those who consider football a fantasy, players protesting police brutality is a problem because the truth is laid bare: that even in the realm of the fantastic, black life in this country isn’t valued.

Sandi Rankaduwa Why Cardi B Topping The Pop Chart Matters

Of the 1,067 singles that have reached No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 since the chart’s creation in 1958, fewer than 75 of them have been rap songs. “Bodak Yellow” might finally signal a sea change.

Vanessa Angélica Villarreal Valentina's Downfall On "Rupaul's Drag Race" Revealed Some Ugly Truths About The Show

For Latinx fans of Drag Race, Valentina’s unapologetic Latinidad felt like a revolution. But after her shameful elimination. some of the show’s long-standing issues came to light, from racism in the show’s fandom to Latinx illegibility in American pop culture.

Ema O'Connor Why These Super Fans Have Made Being Jack Sparrow A Way Of Life

They impersonate him for a living, traveling all over the world. They raise their children in pirate-themed homes. One even married him posthumously. How Jack Sparrow superfans are keeping the character alive.