Sara Yasin Why Gigi And Zayn’s Breakup Bums Me Out

I’ve struggled for most of my life to find my Muslim and Palestinian heritage reflected in American pop culture. So I wasn’t heartbroken over the breakup of Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik, the actual people, as much as I was over what their relationship represented.

Pier Dominguez Why Katy Perry Can’t Save “American Idol”

ABC’s reincarnated Idol is nearly identical to the original, and a new panel of celebrity judges can’t compensate for the changing realities that made the show’s promise of blockbuster stardom impossible to keep.

Alison Willmore “A Wrinkle In Time” Has Become An Argument Instead Of A Movie

The real question for A Wrinkle in Time has never been what it means for the film industry if it’s a success, but what will happen if — or when — it’s not.

Mallory Ortberg If A Magic Fish Says Your Friend Sucks, You Should Probably Listen

A fisherman finds a magic flounder and turns to a friend for advice in this excerpt from Mallory Ortberg's short story collection The Merry Spinster.