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1. Here's how your key works:

2. Look how quickly a traffic jam can form:

3. Here's the Berlin subway map, compared to where the trains actually run in the city:

4. Here's how dogs drink:

5. If you've ever wondered how straight lines work on curved surfaces, here's your answer:

6. Sewing machines are more cleverly designed than you probably ever imagined:

7. Here's what it looks like when you shift gears on your car:

8. And here's a peek at the inside of a grenade when you pull the pin on it:

9. Ever get a really close look at a tattoo gun in action?

10. And here's how the zipper on your jeans works:

11. Imagine how much it'd hurt if braces worked this quickly:

12. This is what the actor inside Big Bird is up to in there:

13. Did you even realize that you could bore square holes with a round drill?

14. You can't beat a handmade pretzel, but this machine is certainly trying its best:

15. And this machine is hard at work turning wire into paper clips:

16. Have you ever given any thought to what happens when you pull the trigger on a gun?

17. Here's how a ship makes its way through the Panama Canal:

18. And, saving the best for last, here's how ice cream cones are formed: