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Someone shouts "don't look" as Pres. Trump looks up without eclipse glasses on as solar eclipse passes over D.C.…



Trump will stare directly into the eclipse because everyone told him not to.


Can't wait for the photo of Donald Trump squinting directly into the eclipse to go viral.


Someone's going to tell Trump not to stare at the sun today, but he's going to do it anyway and go blind. #Eclipse2017



Trump's aides are spending the day reminding him not to stare directly at the sun sp#SolarEclipse2017



Literally everyone: please observe #SolarEclipse safely. do not stare into the sun directly, you WILL damage your e…



Melania is me and Donald is my mom when we're in public and we see someone we know.


TODAY: Advisers Say Trump Will Show Restraint During Eclipse TOMORROW: Trump, Blinded and Drunk on Sun’s Rays, Pledges to Destroy the Moon



What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. 😁 #SolarEclipse2017




hahaha funny pic of Trump staring at the eclipse anyway he defended Nazis last week


NASA: DO NOT stare at the sun without special glasses. TRUMP:




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