Lovestagram: Valentines To Send Your Friends Through Instagram

Avid Instagram users, meet Lovestagram. It’s a super-cute app that allows you to send e-Valentines to your beloved through Instagram — but even cuter, perhaps, is the story behind the app’s creation. We were so inspired by the idea, actually, that we created a few examples of our own featuring some BuzzFeed favorites.

TechCrunch has the romantic background story on how the app came to be:

Kaitlyn Trigger is a marketing director at She also happens to be Instagram co-founder Mike Krieger’s girlfriend of two and a half years.

Last December, Trigger decided she wanted to be able to talk to her boyfriend in depth about the stuff he was working on. So the Yale political science major who “never took any computer classes” covertly downloaded “Learn Python the Hard Way” and began the Odyssey into programming, deadline Valentines’ Day.

Her goal? To create what is now Lovestagram, a way to take the Instagram photos you’ve shared with a specific person and turn them into an e-Valentine.

ID: 118769

We’ve taken the liberty of creating come some relevant mock-up examples of Lovestagrams that you may (or may not!) want to send to your friends and lovers:

ID: 118788

Mr. Sloth

ID: 118629

M.I.A.’s middle finger

ID: 118708

Shirtless Ryan Gosling

ID: 118628

Courtney Stodden in a pumpkin patch

ID: 118737

Macaulay Culkin’s new face

ID: 118706

Lana Del Rey’s glittery tooth

ID: 118651

Ron Swanson and his meat

ID: 118729

Baby polar bear playing in the snow for the first time

ID: 118713

Joan Rivers without makeup

ID: 118697


ID: 118808


ID: 118671

Callista Gingrich

ID: 118803

Nyan Cat

ID: 118823

Cartman in real life

ID: 118711

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