Twitter Trolls Hijack Lindsay Lohan’s Energy Drink Party

An energy drink company hyped up its celebrity attended launch party by promoting a hashtag for the event. A handful of hooligans swarmed the hashtag, livetweeting a fake version of the worst (and funniest) party ever. posted on

A beverage company’s plans to utilize Twitter to promote an event to celebrate the launch of their new energy drink went awry when a group of trolls flooded the dedicated hashtag for the party with a surreal alternate version of events.

Mr. Pink Ginseng Drink seemed to be using what looked very suspiciously like celebrity paid tweets. Audrina Patridge and Lindsay Lohan started tweeting this week about the product and their excitement to attend the party, using the hashtag #MrPinkGinsengDrink.

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Lindsay Lohan last night at the Mr. Pink Ginseng Drink party.

My new addiction is Mr Pink Ginseng Drink - healthy for you...happy for life!! @drinkmrpink" target="_blank">">@drinkmrpink see you on the 11th at the Blvd

Can't wait for the @drinkmrpink" target="_blank">">@drinkmrpink launch party this Thursday @ the Beverly Wilshire Hotel! #PinkCarpet" target="_blank">">#PinkCarpet #MrPinkGinsengDrink" target="_blank">">#MrPinkGinsengDrink

The Mr. Pink Ginseng Drink social media campaign appeared to be relying heavily on celebrity sponsored tweets, and hoping that their fans would just hop onboard and watch the designated hashtag for the event unfold.

This proved irresistable to a group of trolls, led by comedian Jake Fogelnest, Jon Hendren, and David Thorpe (the guy responsible for hijacking a Wal-Mart Facebook contest to send Pitbull to Alaska) to start fake live-tweeting the event.

The following is a description of the worst and most absurd party in the history of forever:

Criss Angel just did a line of coke off the bathroom floor. Not sure how that's a magic trick but shit is getting nuts. #MrPinkGinsengDrink" target="_blank">">#MrPinkGinsengDrink

The dog from Wishbone is here at the #MrPinkGinsengDrink" target="_blank">">#MrPinkGinsengDrink launch party! He is 21 in human years. Frail and sickly.

Faceless man claims to be wearing "ginseng mask" #MrPinkGinsengDrink" target="_blank">">#MrPinkGinsengDrink

Paula Abdul just rolled up on a rascal scooter covered with libertarian bumper stickers. She's revving it pretty hard. #MrPinkGinsengDrink" target="_blank">">#MrPinkGinsengDrink

Paramilitary group dragging all non-celebrities to centre of hall. Hiding among the roots of enormous bronze ginseng #MrPinkGinsengDrink" target="_blank">">#MrPinkGinsengDrink

My gift bag was just filled with medical photos of male mastectomies. Wild! #MrPinkGinsengDrink" target="_blank">">#MrPinkGinsengDrink

These crab rangoons are just live crabs with jagged shards of broken mirror glued to their backs wtf?! #MrPinkGinsengDrink" target="_blank">">#MrPinkGinsengDrink

Leif Garrett and Todd Bridges are signing autographs by the dumpster in back! #MrPinkGinsengDrink" target="_blank">">#MrPinkGinsengDrink

I’m in my Cousin Balki cosplay. I’m ready for the #MrPinkGinsengDrink" target="_blank">">#MrPinkGinsengDrink party.

So cool to see the congregation of Westboro Baptist not protesting for a change. Surprising amount of dick jokes. #MrPinkGinsengDrink" target="_blank">">#MrPinkGinsengDrink

Fred Durst just tried to crush a can of #MrPinkGinsengDrink" target="_blank">">#MrPinkGinsengDrink with his forhead, but it was full and now he's just crawling around throwing up

Extremely caustic yellowish substance covering toilet walls&floor. Toilet guard told me it is a "free sample"? #MrPinkGinsengDrink" target="_blank">">#MrPinkGinsengDrink

adam sandler is just laying on the floor convulsing and LiLo is just walking up and down him screaming "HOT COALS" #mrpinkginsengdrink" target="_blank">">#mrpinkginsengdrink

Wow @MatthewLillard" target="_blank">">@MatthewLillard drove by and tossed a Surge! out his window. It hit the guy from Squirrel Nut Zippers in the chin. #MrPinkGinsengDrink" target="_blank">">#MrPinkGinsengDrink

just got to the launch party, im really late. 1st thing i see is @spencerpratt" target="_blank">">@spencerpratt repeatedly smashing his dick w/ a can of #MrPinkGinsengDrink" target="_blank">">#MrPinkGinsengDrink

Dick Van Patten has a beer bong in his mouth. He's groaning and says "eight is enough". Event Staff is forcing more down #MrPinkGinsengDrink" target="_blank">">#MrPinkGinsengDrink

Bouncers won't let me out the door because I "haven't had enough to drink". Just took my car keys. WTF, is this legal? #MrPinkGinsengDrink" target="_blank">">#MrPinkGinsengDrink

So awkward for @mariolopezextra, his former Saved By The Bell costars are being used as nude human ginseng fountains. #MrPinkGinsengDrink" target="_blank">">#MrPinkGinsengDrink

Mario Lopez has a sizable crowd around him as he recreates Slater's ballet scene in the nude. #MrPinkGinsengDrink" target="_blank">">#MrPinkGinsengDrink

Chad Ochocinco keeps asking me to throw him passes and insulting my spiral when he drops them. #MrPinkGinsengDrink" target="_blank">">#MrPinkGinsengDrink

Toilet was clogged at the #MrPinkGinsengDrink" target="_blank">">#MrPinkGinsengDrink party- used the plunger and up came at least an ounce of pee-soaked marijuana- still smokable?

Refusing to wear provided pissbib and toilet guard is screaming and hollering and punching the wall #MrPinkGinsengDrink" target="_blank">">#MrPinkGinsengDrink

they've released live scorpions. Chris Kattan is getting stung over and over. we're reaching peak refreshment #MrPinkGinsengDrink" target="_blank">">#MrPinkGinsengDrink

haha damn this dude at the #MrPinkGinsengDrink" target="_blank">">#MrPinkGinsengDrink just drove a katana through a screen door, then walked through it. fuckin bad ass

#MrPinkGinsengDrink" target="_blank">">#MrPinkGinsengDrink The dad from Pete and Pete is here. He keeps saying "curd"

Just got rear ended by @ScottStapp" target="_blank">">@ScottStapp 's limo in the valet line at #MrPinkGinsengDrink" target="_blank">">#MrPinkGinsengDrink party. He actually was a cool cat, signed my water bill.

Mario Lopez appears to be vomiting into Carrot Top's mouth & Carrot Top is swallowing it? #MrPinkGinsengDrink" target="_blank">">#MrPinkGinsengDrink

Lou Bega doing half-assed version of Mambo #5 at #MrPinkGinsengDrink" target="_blank">">#MrPinkGinsengDrink launch. Replacing girls' names w/ Mr Pink, Ginseng, etc. Disappointing

Watch out at the #MrPinkGinsengDrink" target="_blank">">#MrPinkGinsengDrink party. The slip and slide has no water or anything. It's just a dry tarp. Learned the hard way.

Caught a glimpse of Mario Lopez... Before I could even ask, Lark Voorhies leaned in to me and said "yeah, benzos." #MrPinkGinsengDrink" target="_blank">">#MrPinkGinsengDrink

In the VIP section now, you guys should SEE how many push-ups Rob Schneider can do #MrPinkGinsengDrink" target="_blank">">#MrPinkGinsengDrink

Just took my shirt off at the #MrPinkGinsengDrink" target="_blank">">#MrPinkGinsengDrink launch party! I have a lot of scars but most people here look pretty accepting.

Currently at the #MrPinkGinsengDrink" target="_blank">">#MrPinkGinsengDrink launch party in Beverly Hills, playing "Greensleeves" on a giant flute I made out of PVC pipe

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