How Old Are The Readers Of Your Favorite Websites?

The median LinkedIn user is the same age as Carrot Top. What about the other most popular sites in the world? We crunched Google’s numbers to find out.

1. The median MySpace user is 34…

2. …as old as Seth Green

Maury Phillips / Getty Images

3. The median Facebook user is 42…

4. …the same age as Tina Fey

Mark Davis / Getty Images

5. The median Twitter user is 38…

6. … as old as Leonardo DiCaprio


7. The median LinkedIn user is 47…

8. …as old as Carrot Top


9. The median Fox News visitor is 37…

10. …as old as 50 Cent

Ryan Pierse / Getty Images

11. The median age of a CNN visitor is 43…

12. …as old as Peter Dinklage


13. The median MSNBC visitor is also 43…

14. … as old as Cory Booker

Mel Evans / AP

15. The median Drudge Report visitor is 48…

16. …as old as Glenn Beck


17. The median Tumblr user is 34…

18. …the same age as January Jones


19. The median Reddit user is 35…

20. …as old as Dustin Diamond

21. The median Pinterest user is 40…

22. …as old as ICP’s Violent J

23. The median Nickelodeon visitor is 21…

24. …as old as Tyler, the Creator

25. The median Cartoon Network visitor is 18…

26. …as old as Justin Bieber

Michael Buckner / Getty Images

27. The median YouTube user is 43…

28. …as old as Zach Galifianakis

Michael Buckner / Getty Images

29. The median PornTube viewer is 24…

30. …as old as Michael Cera

Brendon Thorne / Getty Images

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