First Pictures Of The Royal Baby

Prince William and Kate Middleton introduce their newborn son.

1. Prince William and Kate Middleton debuted their newborn son Tuesday.

Lefteris Pitarakis / AP
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3. “We are still working on a name,” William said.

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John Stillwell / AP
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5. “He’s got her looks, thankfully,” William told reporters. “He’s got way more hair than me, thank God.”

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Lefteris Pitarakis / AP
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7. “He’s got quite a pair of lungs on him, I can tell you that!” Prince William told reporters.

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BEN STANSALL / Getty Images
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9. “He’s a big boy. He’s quite heavy,” he added.

Lefteris Pitarakis / AP
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Alastair Grant / AP
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11. Kate told reporters that William had already changed his first diaper and he was “very good” at it.

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12. “It’s such a special time,” Kate said. “Any parent will know what this feels like.”

Peter Macdiarmid / Getty Images
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13. “I’ll remind him of his tardiness when he’s older,” William joked. “I know you’ve all been standing here.”

LEON NEAL / Getty Images
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14. After answering a few questions, the royal couple packed their bundle of joy up and left the hospital for Kensington Palace.

Lefteris Pitarakis / AP
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CARL COURT / Getty Images
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16. Welcome to the world, Baby Cambridge!

Suzanne Plunkett / Reuters
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17. OH YES, the royal baby waved!

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18. Watch here:

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