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These Two Ingredients Will Make Your Cookie Sheets Look Like New

They're so clean you could eat off them.

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Your cookie sheet has been getting scuzzier and scuzzier and you've been pretending not to notice.


But it's starting to look like something's growing... Here's how to clean it up without breaking the bank or your back, or grossing you out too much.

You'll need a few things...

* Hydrogen peroxide

* Baking soda

* Spray bottle

* Cookie sheet


7. Your cookie sheet is gleaming! Take advantage and bake some of these delicious cookies from Buzzfeed's list of 25 Delicious Christmas Cookies Santa’s Guaranteed To Love.

Chelsea’s Messy Apron / Via

They'll taste so much better now that they aren't baking on the burnt leftovers from last year's Christmas cookies...

Check out the full tutorial here.

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