13 Filipino Health Beliefs That Are So Weird They'll Make You Say, "Really?"

We Filipinos have a lot of ridiculous beliefs about sickness and germs. Good thing Safeguard is always here to set the record straight.

1. Sinok.

2. Bati and usog.

3. Pasma.

4. Taking a bath after exercise.

5. Sleeping with wet hair.

6. Nuno sa punso.

7. Ugly nicknames.

8. Suklay at night.

9. Sitting on a pillow.

10. Spreading salt.

11. Having a kuliti.

12. Dry sweat causes pneumonia.

13. You can only get germs by touching dirty things.

Still don’t believe in #HANGINfection? Let Alden Richards help you combat that weird health belief with this new video.

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