Greatest Hits

    Brand an editorial post that relates to you!

    Awareness Card

    The Awareness Card is an exclusive BuzzFeed product that marries the traditional banner with the look and feel of a BuzzFeed Native Ad.

    - This product can feature a still image or moving gif on the top left side.

    - On the right hand side, there is a custom call to action button that can feature your brand specific text.

    Display Card

    The Display Card on the top right hand side of the page, showcases your brand in an innovative and exciting way.

    - This unit can feature a still image, gif, mp4 or all the above!

    - With this, you also have a customizable call to action button and description text to accompany your branded assets! (Emojis are welcome)


    The Subbuzz is video or Pop Quiz embed found at the footer of a post.

    - This unit gives the your brand another opportunity for branding as the readers finish the content

    - Video Embed: YouTube and Facebook

    - Pop Quiz (an additional product) you can feature a custom Pop Quiz