17 Movie Candy-Popcorn Combos That Will Change The World

Open your eyes to the possibilities.

Buy a medium popcorn in a large bag, add candy, shake.

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The versatility of Sour Skittles as a pairing with chocolate M&M’s came as a huge surprise to BuzzFeed’s Official Movie Candy Combination Tasting Panel. But trust.

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There’s a lot to love here — but mostly the idea of Butterfinger Bites and popcorn in your mouth at the same time. And it turns out that Reese’s Pieces can improve any candy combination.

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Something really gooey and special happens in your mouth when you combine Sour Patch with Starburst. Find out about it.

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“If you are not mixing milk duds with your popcorn then you haven’t been living the life you deserve.” — Alanna Okun, BuzzFeed DIY

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Oh, I’m sorry, are you too fancy to break Twizzlers into smaller pieces in a movie theatre so you can experience this joyful combination of salty-sugary delights? Then you can go read something else on the Internet.

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Get the right bite and it’s kind of like a fruit-filled Godiva truffle, except better because there’s popcorn.

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Plain M&M’s are just as good here if you’re not quite ready to go next-level peanut.

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THIS IS BASICALLY A FULL MEAL. Dinner and a movie, y’all.

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This is like the large cheese pizza of Movie Theater Candy Combos. It will NEVER let you down.

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The sugariest of dark chocolates and milk chocolate, living together in harmony.

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Pretzel M&M’s aren’t for everyone. You could make a solid argument that they taste like sawdust. But several of the tasters on the Candy Panel loved this.


So refreshing.

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Junior Mints are a POWERFUL flavor. BuzzFeed’s Candy Panel discovered that the only candy in a movie theater’s arsenal that can stand up to them is Bunches and Bunches of Crunch.

Macey Foronda / BuzzFeed

Obviously, duh.


All hail the classic. The hot popcorn makes the M&M’s melty and delicious.


When you’re in the mood for something heartier than the classic.


For true believers. Texturally, this is perfect.

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