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7 Vintage Foods That Are Surprisingly Delicious

I give it six months before Bloody Mary Aspics show up on brunch menus in Brooklyn.

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Vintage recipes can be truly upsetting. But the food editors at Southern Living want you to give Jell-O molds a second chance. Their argument, presented in these seven recipes from their newest issue, is that with fresh ingredients and modern flavor combinations, congealed salads can be satisfying and delicious. Sorry but they are right so get on board.


6. White Sangria Salads

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"For brunch, try it dolloped with vanilla yogurt. Pair the fruity mold with chicken or tuna salad at a luncheon. And at dinner, serve it alongside grilled fish." OMG. Get the recipe.

7. Aunt Laura's Stained Glass Cake

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With a buttery graham cracker crust, airy pineapple cream and bits of flavored Jello, this recipe comes from one of the Southern Living food editors great aunts. Get the recipe.

also Dubstep jello jiggles, wut:

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