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This Girl Made Ingeniously Simple Yet Terrifying Halloween Pumpkins


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While staying with her grandparents this week, Young bought some pumpkins for Halloween, but there was just one problem: They were a little small.

"They were kinda small and I didn't want to carve them," Young told BuzzFeed News. "So I got a bunch of little ones and I thought about how can I make them terrifying. So, I just thought I'd write social issues on them."


Two of the five pumpkins were about an issue close to Young's heart: the troubling decline of bee populations.

Young shared the pumpkin photos on Twitter, where they went massively viral and were shared thousands of times.

Hope my pumpkins aren't too scary for the neighborhood kids :/


But Young said others were divided on the spooky pumpkins.

"Some were like, 'Oh, this is scary,' and then there was someone being like, 'I hate woke liberal Twitter. Why can’t you just carve your pumpkins like a normal person?'"

Young said that although her grandparents live in a fairly conservative neighborhood, she hopes kids who trick-or-treat there on Monday night take notice.

"I hope they ask their parents, 'Mom, Dad, why did they say that?' and their parents are like, 'Well, the bees are dying, and we should care.'"

David Mack is a reporter and weekend editor for BuzzFeed News in New York.

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