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Charlie Sheen's HIV Status Prompts Multiple Women To Contact Attorney Gloria Allred

Celebrity attorney Gloria Allred on Wednesday confirmed to BuzzFeed News that she has been contacted by multiple women regarding Charlie Sheen's HIV revelations.

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Celebrity attorney Gloria Allred confirmed to BuzzFeed News on Wednesday that she has been contacted by multiple women regarding revelations that Charlie Sheen is HIV-positive.

Sheen came forward with his diagnosis Tuesday on NBC's Today show.

"Since Charlie Sheen's interview yesterday, I will now confirm that I have been contacted by women with reference to Charlie Sheen and their rights," Allred told BuzzFeed News.

In his interview with Matt Lauer, Sheen said he learned he was HIV-positive four years ago and has since been honest about his status to all of his sex partners. Sheen admitted he has had unprotected sex with two people since his diagnosis, but said both people were aware and under the care of his doctor.

However, two of Sheen's former so-called goddesses appeared to be shaken by the Two and a Half Men actor's announcement. Bree Olson told Howard Stern she only learned of Sheen's illness days ago in the media. She has subsequently announced that she tested negative for the disease.

And in a video posted by Radar Online Wednesday, Sheen's former fiancée Brett Rossi blasts the actor, alleging that he "exposed me to HIV for a year-and-a-half."

The couple broke up October 2014, a month before they were set to wed. As she burns Sheen's photos in the video, Rossi can is taped saying: "I never want to see that guy's face again unless it is in a fucking courtroom."


Allred would not confirm whether she was representing any of the women who contacted her or if they were planning on filing lawsuits against the actor.

"I have no comment on what will happen next," Allred said.

Sheen's announcement opened him up to possible legal ramifications.

California has five health and safety code laws criminalizing actions related to HIV. For starters, it’s a felony for a person to “expose another to HIV by engaging in unprotected sexual activity” without disclosing their status and with the intent of infecting the other person.

It is also a misdemeanor in California if someone who knowingly has HIV keeps that information from a partner, and then fails to use protection.

But Sheen could also face civil liabilities if he failed to inform any of his partners of his HIV status. And Troy Slaten, a legal analyst, told BuzzFeed News that the women do not need to have contracted the virus to file a claim.

"Finding out that the person had it, knew that they had it, and had sex with you is enough to really frighten somebody," Slaten said. "Fear that you can get it is enough."

However, if Sheen revealed his status to his partners, they likely assumed the risks and the actor would probably not be held liable, Slaten added.

Claudia Rosenbaum is an entertainment reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Los Angeles.

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