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Lin-Manuel Miranda Hosted "SNL" And He's Not Throwing Away His Shot

“My name is Lin-Manuel, I am hosting SNL and I am not throwing away my shot."

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Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda hosted Saturday Night Live this week and his opening monologue was pretty damn impressive.

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In the lead-up to the show Miranda admitted he was nervous.

But he needn't have been because he killed it.

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Singing a SNL-inspired version of "My Shot" from his musical Hamilton, Miranda danced through the set with his very own backup dancers.

“My name is Lin-Manuel, I am hosting SNL and I am not throwing away my shot," he sang.

"Imma go for broke and do it all tonight, take a swing, pass the baton, give me the ball tonight. I got a Tony and an Emmy and a Grammy yo, what I want is a famous person cameo.”


As he continued his way through the studio halls, Miranda rapped about earning his spot on the wall of SNL hosts “like Miley, Schumer, Tracy Morgan and this piece–."

SNL / Via

Pausing at Donald Trump's portrait Miranda quietly and gleefully sang "never gonna be President now."

He stopped off mid-performance for a quick chat with SNL-creator Lorne Michaels who just wanted to know where his Hamilton tickets were.

SNL / Via

"Oh yeah, I’ll see what I can do. no promises, though,” Miranda replied as he walked away.

"I can do a matinee," Michaels called after him. We feel you pain Lorne, we really do.

It did Lin, and it was magical!

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