40 People With More Hollywood Connections Than Kevin Bacon

Kevin Bacon is only the 444th most connected person in Hollywood, according to an analysis of IMDB data. Here are Hollywood’s 40 most connected actors and actresses.

Everyone in Hollywood can be connected to Kevin Bacon by six degrees or fewer — or at least that’s the conceit behind the Kevin Bacon game. According to an analysis of IMDB data though, Kevin Bacon is only the 444th most connected person in Hollywood.

Here are the 40 most connected people in Hollywood, along with the average number of degrees it would take to link them to anyone else in Hollywood, according to Oracle of Bacon, a computer program developed by graduate students at the University of Virginia. You’ll note they are mostly white male actors of a certain age — and Patrick Reynolds, the man behind the website, told BuzzFeed why.

ID: 1114194

1. Dennis Hopper, 2.802166 degrees

Pictured in Easy Rider.

ID: 1111517

2. Harvey Keitel, 2.812642 degrees

Pictured in Resevoir Dogs.

ID: 1111520

3. Donald Sutherland, 2.819748 degrees

Pictured in M*A*S*H.

ID: 1111530

4. David Carradine, 2.819993 degrees

Pictured on the television series Kung Fu.

ID: 1111535

5. Udo Kier, 2.826828 degrees

Pictured in Children of Wax.

ID: 1111537

6. Martin Sheen, 2.828436 degrees

Pictured in Apocalypse Now.

ID: 1111592

7. Michael Caine, 2.834495 degrees

Pictured in Get Carter.

ID: 1111608

8. Max von Sydow, 2.834873 degrees

Pictured in The Seventh Seal.

ID: 1111609

9. Michael Madsen, 2.836074 degrees

Pictured in Reservoir Dogs.

ID: 1111610

10. Seymour Cassel, 2.838441 degrees

Pictured in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

ID: 1111622

11. Christopher Lee, 2.841070 degrees

Pictured in Dracula.

ID: 1111630

12. Robert De Niro, 2.841475 degrees

Pictured in Raging Bull.

ID: 1111638

13. Malcolm McDowell, 2.845197 degrees

Pictured in A Clockwork Orange.

ID: 1111643

14. Christopher Plummer, 2.850164 degrees

Pictured in The Sound of Music.

ID: 1111646

15. Harry Dean Stanton, 2.850275 degrees

Pictured in Big Love.

ID: 1111652

16. Willem Dafoe, 2.850370 degrees

Pictured in Boondock Saints.

ID: 1111656

17. John Hurt, 2.851971 degrees

Pictured in Spaceballs.

ID: 1111659

18. Rod Steiger, 2.852075 degrees

Pictured in In The Heat Of The Night.

ID: 1111663

19. Danny Trejo, 2.855522 degrees

Pictured in Machete.

ID: 1111665

20. Elliott Gould, 2.856090 degrees

Pictured in Ocean’s 12.

ID: 1111667

21. Samuel L. Jackson, 2.856922 degrees

Pictured in Pulp Fiction.

ID: 1111670

22. Ben Gazzara, 2.859615 degrees

Pictured with Jaqueline Bisset in Inchon.

ID: 1111672

23. Karen Black, 2.860055 degrees

Everett Collection

Pictured with Jack Nicholson in Five Easy Pieces.

ID: 1111688

24. Christopher Walken, 2.865712 degrees

Pictured in The Deer Hunter.

ID: 1111701

25. Rance Howard, 2.865895 degrees

Pictured on The Andy Griffith Show.

ID: 1111705

26. John Malkovich, 2.867244 degrees

Pictured in Being John Malkovich.

ID: 1111706

27. James Caan, 2.870930 degrees

Pictured in Honeymoon in Vegas.

ID: 1111708

28. Gene Hackman, 2.872570 degrees

Pictured in Unforgiven.

ID: 1111709

29. Ernest Borgnine, 2.875806 degrees

Pictured in McHale’s Navy.

ID: 1111711

30. Burt Reynolds, 2.876833 degrees

Pictured in Smokey and the Bandit.

ID: 1111713

31. James Earl Jones, 2.877212 degrees

Pictured in Field of Dreams.

ID: 1111715

32. John Savage, 2.877212 degrees

Pictured in Hair.

ID: 1111718

33. Bruce Willis, 2.879487 degrees

Pictured in Die Hard.

ID: 1111719

34. James Hong, 2.879709 degrees

Pictured with Tia Carrere in Wayne’s World 2

ID: 1111721

35. Charlton Heston, 2.880350 degrees

Pictured in The Ten Commandments.

ID: 1111725

36. Robert Duvall, 2.880495 degrees

Pictured in Apocalypse Now.

ID: 1111728

37. Martin Landau, 2.880528 degrees

Pictured in Ed Wood.

ID: 1111733

38. Faye Dunaway, 2.881295 degrees

Pictured in Bonnie and Clyde.

ID: 1111748

39. John Turturro, 2.881934 degrees

Pictured in The Big Lebowski.

ID: 1111749

40. Steve Buscemi, 2.882483 degrees

Pictured in Desperado

ID: 1111771

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