24 Mind-Blowing Ways To Eat Chicken And Waffles

You’re the chicken to my waffles. Maple syrup me?

Meet classic chicken & waffles.

Recipe here.

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1. Now turn it into a grilled cheese sandwich.

This C&W is held together by cheese AKA magic. Recipe here.

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2. Make it a BLT (with the bacon INSIDE the waffles).

Jonathan Melendez /

Recipe here.

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3. Make it bite-size.

Teri Lyn Fisher and Jenny Park / Tiny Food Party

You have the best parties in your friend group, don’t you? Recipe here.

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4. Make KABOBS!

All your C&W prayers have been answered. Recipe here.

ID: 2798761

5. Spice it up with chicken chorizo and guacamole.

So colorful! Recipe here.

ID: 2788292

6. Give it a KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) twist.

Make these C&W skewers with delicious Korean hot sauce and mini waffles. Recipe here.

ID: 2788310

7. Make it cheesy and gluten free.

Both the fried chicken and cheesy polenta waffles here are made with C4C flour. GF FTW. Recipe here.

ID: 2788324

8. When you think buffalo chicken can’t get any better, eat it with a WAFFLE CONE.

Recipe here.

ID: 2788345

9. Put Italian chicken between two slices of bread and make it a panini with a waffle iron.


Don’t even bother getting a panini maker, ever. A waffle iron, on the other hand is a MUST. Recipe here.

ID: 2788302

10. Add bacon, beer, and bourbon to make a next-level sandwich.

Recipe here.

ID: 2791123

11. Wrap your wings in waffle.

Dip fried chicken wings in waffle batter (mixed with maple bacon), then cook each side in a waffle maker. Full directions here.

ID: 2788344

12. Serve up sliders for breakfast.

Top these sliders with fried eggs and slather on maple honey mustard. Recipe here.

ID: 2788374

13. For easy, full-coverage maple-dijon dipping, make C&W lollipops.

Recipe here.

ID: 2788381

14. Make it an ice cream sundae.

No one will doubt your devotion to C&W with this on your plate. Recipe here.

ID: 2788395

15. Caramelize the chicken and sourdough-ify the waffle.

Recipe here. (Translate to English)

ID: 2788405

16. Create a tangy Thai sandwich.

Thai chicken + ginger-lime-coconut waffles + crunchy rice vinegar slaw = best version of your favorite Thai take-out. Recipe here.

ID: 2788418

17. Get a little tropical with coconut chicken and banana waffles.

Recipe here.

ID: 2788422

18. Make chicken nuggets breaded in waffle.

Compact. Recipe here.

ID: 2788427

19. Turn it into “Sushi.”

Jamie Fo /

Wrap strips of waffle around bite-size chicken. Why? Because you want to. Full directions here.

ID: 2789990

20. Make it a tall cupcake that dares to dream.

Extra sweet and savory. Recipe here.

ID: 2789999

21. Make it a healthy school lunch sandwich.

Photo: Johnny Autry; Styling: Mary Clayton Carl / / Via Cooking Light

No frying necessary. Recipe here.

ID: 2790052

22. Make it vegetarian with a crispy scotch egg.

These waffles are topped with eggs that are both crispy AND runny. Recipe here.

ID: 2790097

23. Bring in the biscuits!

Recipe here.

ID: 2790547

24. Make it a nacho supreme.

Drizzled with sriracha and maple mustard syrup. Recipe here.

ID: 2790791

BONUS: Eat buffalo chicken with waffle fries.

Recipe here.

ID: 2790073

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