The Best Internet Reactions To Paul Ryan

The memes, they have arrived. Hey girl, it’s me, Paul Ryan. posted on

1. This photo is a popular choice…

What is happening here?

2. Paul Ryan is a sex object

Give the people what they want!

8. But McKayla is not impressed

9. Supposedly, he looks like Eddie Muenster

10. But it’s really just the widow’s peak

11. Which dude from The Office does he look more like?

B.J. Novak

Not till Will McAvoy calls it!!! “@AGFlores:" target="_blank">">@AGFlores: Am I the first to ask for @bjnovak" target="_blank">">@bjnovak to play Paul Ryan on Saturday Night Live?”

Zach Woods

At this time we are UNABLE confirm that Romney selected Paul Ryan after enjoying his work as Gabe on the last few seasons of "The Office".

15. Neither: he just looks exactly like the teacher from “Glee”

But with different hair.

Paul Ryan happened when they tried to clone the music teacher from Glee and someone threw in a copy of Atlas Shrugged at the last second.

17. You didn’t think he was getting out of “Call Me Maybe,” did you?

20. Or is a different NBA analogy more apt?

21. Mr. Cage and Mr. Ryan Face Off

Of course, Twitter has plenty to offer…

Mitt Romney choosing Paul Ryan is like putting a sheet of blank paper inside a manila envelope.

Obama camp currently researching how many books Paul Ryan took out of the library in high school and didn't return. Ad forthcoming.

Paul Ryan loving Rage Against the Machine is the greatest misunderstanding of music since Charles Manson loved the Beatles

I made Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan as Sims and then I made them boyfriends and then I made them kiss. #Politics" target="_blank">">#Politics…" target="_blank">">…

Sarah Palin was like The Joker: insane and interesting. Paul Ryan is like Bane: more threatening but also way more boring.

If Paul Ryan popped up in the first ten minutes of a Law and Order episode, you'd be all "oh, he's the killer".

Paul Ryan, a man with two first names, is a great choice of running mate for Mitt Romney, a man with no first names.

I really hope someone has the guts to ask Paul Ryan's stance on the KStew/RPatz situation in California. #NeedClarification" target="_blank">">#NeedClarification

33. In conclusion…

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