The Best Internet Reactions To Paul Ryan

The memes, they have arrived. Hey girl, it’s me, Paul Ryan.

1. This photo is a popular choice…

What is happening here?

2. Paul Ryan is a sex object

Give the people what they want!

8. But McKayla is not impressed

9. Supposedly, he looks like Eddie Muenster

10. But it’s really just the widow’s peak

11. Which dude from The Office does he look more like?

B.J. Novak

15. Neither: he just looks exactly like the teacher from “Glee”

But with different hair.

17. You didn’t think he was getting out of “Call Me Maybe,” did you?

20. Or is a different NBA analogy more apt?

21. Mr. Cage and Mr. Ryan Face Off

Of course, Twitter has plenty to offer…

33. In conclusion…

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