4chan Tried To Get Women To Share Nude Photos In Solidarity With Jennifer Lawrence

4chan attempted to encourage women to share their own nude photos using the #LeakForJLaw hashtag on Twitter. It didn’t work.

4chan, the website that appears to have coordinated the publication of hacked celebrities’ nude photos, attempted to get ordinary girls to take and share their own nude photos to stand in “solidarity with Jennifer Lawrence”.

Danny Moloshok / Reuters

The 4chan users coordinating the Twitter hashtag #LeakForJLaw commented that it would be the “worldwide trolling of a lifetime”. Here is the 4chan post in which an anonymous user discusses the idea:


Here’s another 4chan thread in which another user comments that the trend idea is “genius”.


4chan users set up new Twitter accounts and uploaded nude photos of girls using the hashtag. Some of the accounts had “I Stand With JLaw” as their Twitter name, and most of the accounts were set up last night.

However, despite the attempt to kickstart it, the idea did not take off, and women did not share their photos.


4chan users are known for using fake Twitter accounts to troll women on Twitter. In June, the hashtag #EndFathersDay was revealed to have been orchestrated by 4chan users.


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