Fab Or Drab At The Democratic National Convention

All of the fabbest and drabbest looks of the DNC! Check ‘em out.

1. FAB: This lady wearing a straight-brimmed Obama hat

An undeniably cute and fab look!

ID: 565231

2. DRAB: Donkey head lady

Okay you tried, BUT NOT HARD ENOUGH. I want glitter on that donkey or something.

ID: 565206

3. FAB: This Minnie Mouse Obama/Biden ear hat

Love the use of the mouse ears. I can find zero signs of drab in this one. ZERO.

ID: 565239

4. DRAB: This guy with a spiky blonde wig visor

This violates every rule in fab or drab. Visors + Guy Fieri hair are the #1 and #2 most drabbest things in my book. DRAB.

ID: 565219

5. FAB: This.

Those glasses and that giant hat are all i need in life.

ID: 565243


DEAR GOD. As a supporter of jorts, I am appalled by this “getup.” Vile is an understatement!

ID: 565209

7. FAB: This dog

Cute scarf! Love the fit. Fabbed.

ID: 565250

8. DRAB: This dog

You put me to sleep with this. Druhhh-ab!

ID: 565210

9. FAB: A tiny hat

As you may know, tiny hats are always fab. End of story.

ID: 565241

10. DRAB: Red lady

This violates my “Wearing The Appropriate Color To Your Convention” rule. I guess this lady didn’t get the memo! Drab!

ID: 565211

11. FAB: This blazer with googly eyes

So fab I can’t even take it!!!!! In fashion, sometimes it’s the little things that count.

ID: 565228

12. FAB: This pose

Sometimes it’s not even about the clothes, it’s about the attitude! I love this ham!

ID: 565232

13. DRAB: This sequined visor


ID: 565212

14. DRAB: This color mess

Neon mixed with rainbow is always a big fat flop! A fashion no!

ID: 565213

15. DRAB: (Another) 1920s guy

Wrong era, dude!

ID: 565214

16. FAB: This Barack and Michelle silhouette vest

I know this violates my “Right Color At The Right Convention” rule, but I’m a sucker for a good silhouette vest.

ID: 565234

17. DRAB: This rainbow tentacle hat

Like, what is this? WHAT. IS. THIS?! It’s like his hat got in a fight with some rainbow-colored octopus and lost. Drab.

ID: 565215

18. FAB: This lady wearing a flag

I just love a lady in a flag!

ID: 565226

19. DRAB: Garland America necklace lady

It’s not Christmas! Leave it in the attic, lady!

ID: 565216

20. FAB: Obama yarmulke boy

A twist to a traditionally simple item of clothing. Def fab.

ID: 565238

21. DRAB: Yes we can yes we can yes we can yes we can yes we can vest

Okay, we get it already!

ID: 565218

22. FAB: Bee lady

Love her attention to detail. I also love her donkey pin because it looks like a unicorn, and unicorns are mega fab.

ID: 565224

23. DRAB: This priest

Where are your shoes?!

ID: 565220

24. FAB: Lady in blue

I love vibrant things. Fab!

ID: 565252

25. DRAB: Steampunk pin seller dude

No, no, no. We (pin sellers) don’t do platforms anymore.

ID: 565221

26. FAB: This cowboy from Idaho

Another example of attitude owning style. Take note gentleman, own your fabness! It’s in you all.

ID: 565236

27. DRAB: This street preacher

Burlap is so last year.

ID: 565222

28. FAB: Tie dye man

Love the matching combo. Works for me!

ID: 565251

29. DRAB: This occupy guy’s pants

I can’t with this. I simply can’t.

ID: 565223

30. FAB: Texas cane man

Love the cane-tail (cane detail). Very fab! I also love the flair.

ID: 565247

31. FAB: Loretta Harper

Loretta, you went above and beyond. I wish I could give you more than this little “fab.”

ID: 565233

32. FRAB: This hat

Remember, Frab = fab and drab combined.

So anyways, let me explain my choice on this one. I love the effort, I really do. I love the concept, and I’ve even warmed up to beanie babies on hats. It’s just the execution. TAKE THE TAGS OFF YOUR BEANIE, THEY AREN’T WORTH ANYTHING ANYMORE.

ID: 565244

33. FAB: Buffalo soldier dude

Gold suspenders are big right now.

ID: 565237

34. FRAB:

Again with the red, but tiny hats are always in. Also, the peace sign is a cute little detail. Good effort.

ID: 565255

35. FAB: Obobblehead hat


ID: 565240

36. FRAB:

It’s creative, but not really a thing. Like, who wears license plates anymore?!

ID: 565259

37. FAB: This Michelle Obama dress

Love this choice! I was getting so sick of seeing “Obama” all over everything, and then I saw this dress. It’s unconventional and different. FAB!

ID: 565242

38. FAB: Uterus hat girl

It’s a uterus… on a hat. Fab!

ID: 565246

39. FRAB:

I love the Obama logo detail, I just can’t do the red. Frab for sure.

ID: 565258

40. FAB: Feather hat Obama lady

Colors are in this season, and this hat is FAB.

The end.

ID: 565249

All photos taken by Matt Stopera

ID: 565533

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