21 Ways To Demonstrate Your Passionate Love For Beer


1. Drink enough different kinds of craft beer that you can decorate your coffee table with the coolest labels.

The couple that did this says there are no repeats!

2. Make Bacon-Crusted Beer Mac ‘N’ Cheese.

YUMYUMYUMYUMYUM. Get the recipe.

3. Sleep in a historic beer barrel when you visit Germany (and … do everything you can to visit Germany).

$141/night on Airbnb.

4. Be sure you’re well equipped to drink when it’s cold outside.

See more here.

5. Never underestimate the beauty of a single six pack.

6. Get a tap for your growlers.


7. Throw a beer and cheese party using these pairing guidelines.

8. Never let nighttime get in the way of your fun.

Play beer pong through the night with glow-in-the-dark bracelets.

9. Keep your most important tool on you at all times.


10. Get yourself some of these flip flops.

$19 on Etsy.

11. When you’re not happy let it be known.

BBC / Keeping Up Appearances / Via

12. Make sure you have a beer mitt for all major holidays.


13. Make Beer-Garitas.

See more beer drink recipes from The Style Dossier like the Moon-a-Rita and the Ruby Red Rita.

14. Get this remote control vehicle to bring you beer across land or sea.

$99. It probably doesn’t work but let me know.

15. Make sure all of the beers are always cold.

16. If you have to, take over the bath tub.

17. Do not get picky about glassware.

18. Make a craft beer cake.

This Pinterest user made hers with 30 different kinds of craft beer.

19. Hang out at places that Understand.

20. Keep one around your neck.

Cool handmade koozies over here for $5 each.

21. Most importantly, take it easy.

PS. If all else fails, be this guy:

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