33 Next-Level Tips For A Bloody Mary Bar

Because New Year’s Day requires all of the pickled things, all of the hot sauces, and all of the meat straws.

1. Provide instructions.

Great Bloody Mary bar ideas here.

ID: 2200064

2. Make Sriracha salt for the rim.

Here’s how.

ID: 2199740

3. Make your own pepper-infused vodka.

Recipe here.

ID: 2199742

5. Use meat straws.

Get them here.

ID: 2199754

6. Choose Old Bay-flavored pickles instead of plain old dill.


Get them here.

ID: 2199763

7. Add oysters.

Recipe here.

ID: 2200127

8. Use pickled watermelon cucumbers.


Get them here.

ID: 2199776

9. Make Bloody Mary shots.

Recipe here.

ID: 2199783

10. Make these adorable cucumber swirl garnishes.

Make long cucumber ribbons sing a super sharp knife or a mandoline. Trim them down if they’re too long or too wide, then wrap each ribbon around an olive and skewer with a toothpick.

ID: 2199808

11. Freeze everything into a popsicle.

Recipe here.

ID: 2199810

12. Serve them as mini shrimp cocktail shooters.

ID: 2203383

13. Make fancy cheese-and-basil skewers.

Or, use mozzarella cheese and you have drinkable caprese! Recipe here.

ID: 2203427

14. Go sweet and spicy with candied jalapenos.

Really, really good in a bloody mary OR a margarita. Get them here.

ID: 2199772

15. Put a piece of bacon in it.

Recipe here.

ID: 2199804

16. Make your own Worcestershire sauce.

Recipe here.

ID: 2202604

17. Garnish with smoked paprika-flavored pickled okra.


Get them here.

ID: 2199768

18. Use Clamato instead of tomato juice.

Find it here.

ID: 2202560

19. Make sure you have ALL of the hot sauces.

ID: 2200076

20. Garnish with bacon-wrapped asparagus.

ID: 2200082

21. Mix in some some roasted strawberry puree.

Recipe here.

ID: 2203356

22. Round things out with a hardboiled egg.

If you want to take things a step further, you can pickle your hardboiled eggs. Learn how here.

ID: 2203734

23. Pre-squeeze lemon and lime juice and set it out in small pitchers or squeeze bottles.

ID: 2200099

24. Make them green with tomatillos.

Recipe here.

ID: 2200122

25. Use as much Old Bay as possible.

ID: 2200109

26. Add a smoked chubb garnish.

Not for the faint of heart.

ID: 2200085

27. Break out your blender for frozen Bloody Marys.

Recipe here.

ID: 2200114

28. Make it with aquavit and garnish with dill.

Recipe here.

ID: 2200137

29. Serve it as an aspic.

Spoons required. Recipe here.

ID: 2200143

30. Try a beef jerky garnish.

ID: 2200163

31. Use freshly grated horseradish.


It has much more of a kick than the pre-grated, jarred kind.

ID: 2203068

32. Add habanero-stuffed olives.

Would go really well with the aforementioned Sriracha salt. Get them here.

ID: 2202591

33. Set out beer and tequila for Mexican Micheladas.

Recipe here.

ID: 2200124

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