23 Delicious Ways To Drink Whiskey Tonight

Bring on the cold weather.

1. Manhattan

Rye whiskey + sweet vermouth + bitters. Get the recipe.

2. Rosemary Peach Maple Leaf Cocktail

Muddled rosemary and peach + whiskey + lemon juice + maple simple syrup. Get the recipe.

3. Penicillin

Famous Grouse blended scotch + lemon juice + ginger + honey + Laphroaig scotch. Get the recipe.

4. Irish Redhead

Jameson Irish Whiskey + grenadine + Sprite + lemon and lime juice. Get the recipe.

5. Coke, Peanut and Whiskey Cocktail

Jack Daniels + whiskey + peanut orgeat (peanuts + sugar + water + orange flower water + brandy or vodka). Get the recipe.

6. Blood Orange and Bourbon

Blood orange juice + bourbon + Angostura bitters + sparkling water + orange slices + mint. Get the recipe.

7. Sriracha Hot Toddy

Honey + whiskey + sriracha + lemon + ginger. Get the recipe.

8. Mixed Berry and Fig Old Fashioned

Sugar + mixed berries + fig + bitters + whiskey. Get the recipe.

9. Jameson and Ginger

No recipe needed but just in case here.

10. The Brown Derby

Bourbon + freshly squeezed grapefruit juice + honey. Get the recipe.

11. Classic Sazerac

Rye whiskey or Cognac + Peychaud’s Bitters + sugar + absinthe + lemon peel. Get the recipe.

12. Blackberry Smash

Blackberries + mint + red plum + simple syrup + cointrea + whiskey. Get the recipe.

13. Bourbon Sweet Tea

Black tea bags + lemon + lime + orange + bourbon. Get the recipe.

14. Forgetfully, Fernet

Jameson + lemon juice + ginger + sugar + Fernet-Branca + mint. Get the recipe.

16. Fruity Old Fashioned

Christina Holmes / Via

Sugar cubes + bitters + lemon wheel + lime wheel + orange wheel + maraschino cherry + grenadine + rye whiskey + clud soda + ginger ale. This is a lot fruitier and fussier than the classic Old Fashioned recipe, but it’s good. Get the recipe.

17. Sweet Whiskey Lemonade

Cointreau + whiskey + lemon juice + lime juice + sugar + apricot preserves + tonic. Get the recipe.

18. Bourbon Slush Punch

Sugar + can frozen orange juice concentrate + can frozen lemonade concentrate + bourbon + Fresca, Sprite or 7UP. Get the recipe.

19. Harvest Sour

Rye + Applejack + lemon juice + simple syrup + egg white + bitters. Get the recipe.

20. Maple Rye Sour

Rye whiskey + lemon juice + orange juice + maple syrup + amaro. Get the recipe.

21. Mint Julep

Romulo Yanes / Via

Mint leaves + simple syrup + cognac + rye. Get the recipe.

22. On the rocks.

Jonathon Kambouris / Via

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