MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” And Chris Christie: A Love Story

The governor of New Jersey has been mentioned in over 500 episodes of MSNBC’s nationally broadcast morning show since 2009.

1. September 3, 2009: Morning Joe mentions Chris Christie after a Quinnipiac poll reveals that Christie is crushing then Gov. John Corzine by 10 points in the race for the New Jersey governorship.

ID: 1131288

2. October 6, 2009: Joe responds to viewer concerns about the fact that Christie has yet to appear on the show.

SCARBOROUGH: “Why don’t we have Mr. Christie on the air? Very simple. He won’t come on. We’ve asked him. We’ll ask him again.”

ID: 1131630

3. October 14th, 2009: With just twenty days until the election, Chris Christie drops in on Morning Joe for the very first time.

As this historic moment in cable news history concludes, Scarborough, who had been nervous about co-host Mika Brzezinski saying something “rude” about Christie’s weight, asks the candidate how she did:


CHRISTIE: “Yes, great! Not OK, great!

ID: 1132651

4. April 14, 2010:“Yesterday, we had Chris Christie on. He’s making a lot of enemies. Guess what he’s doing? What Republicans used to do.” — Joe Scarborough

ID: 1132497

5. April 15, 2010: “Chris Christie sat in that chair a couple days ago showing a lot of courage with a state that’s melting down.” — Joe Scarborough

ID: 1144284

6. April 22, 2010: “I love him.” — Mika Brzezinski

SCARBOROUGH: “Let me tell you something, I’m going to be honest, we had Chris Christie on our show, we sort of made fun of him.”

MIKA: “I love him.”

SCARBOROUGH: “Turn the music down. This is important. I’m dead serious here. I just could not believe that this guy would win. This is how Republicans are supposed to talk and they haven’t talked this way in a decade.”

MIKA: And he doesn’t prepare it. He just talks.

ID: 1144294

8. June 29, 2010: Christie’s takes a victory lap on Joe after passing his first budget in New Jersey.

ID: 1144336

9. July 26, 2010: “He hates Snooki.”

MIKA: “He (Christie) takes issue with that show Jersey Shore, and actually talked about it on a Sunday morning talk show. He hates Snooki. Could that be? I kind of like what he had to say.”

ID: 1144351

10. August 24, 2010: “Chris Christie should be listened to.” — Mika Brzezinski

ID: 1144377

11. September 24, 2010: “How many times can we tell Chris Christie we love him?” — Joe Scarborough

ID: 1144392

12. September 3, 2010: While discussing standouts of the midterm elections, the Joe panel anoints Christie as the future of the Republican Party:

MIKA: “I think he is the one.”

ID: 1144380

13. January 25, 2011: Christie turns down an invitation to deliver the Republican rebuttal to the State of the Union:

SCARBOROUGH: “What a smart move by Christie. Look at the past ten guys or women who have done the response. Nothing good ever comes of it.”

ID: 1144393

14. February 17, 2011: “Is he (Christie) really that great or is everybody else so bad?” — Mika Brzezinski

SCARBOROUGH: “No politician has ever come out and said, ‘You shut down the government? I’m going opening up a beer and watching the Mets play. I’ll come back when you open it again.’”

ID: 1144427

16. April 21, 2011: Christie makes Time’s “100 Most Influential” issue.

ID: 1144690

17. June 17, 2011: The Morning Joe crew enjoys Willie Geist’s retelling of the most famous episode of Christie ★ On The Line ever.

SCARBOROUGH: “In this button down area of politics, there’s a reason people like Chris Christie.”

ID: 1144824

September 23, 2011: “I’ve heard it five or six times from people in different spheres, Chris Christie is passing up a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to jump into this field because the Republicans want him, the field is weak, and the President’s weak.” — Joe Scarborough

ID: 1144946

19. October 26, 2011: “Chris Christie is the most popular Republican governor in America right now.” — Joe Scarborough

ID: 1145053

December 12, 2011: “If Chris Christie ran (for the ‘12 Republican nomination), he’d be 40 points ahead.” — Joe Scarborough

ID: 1145121

21. December 20, 2011: “Chris Christie could certainly be President.” — Joe Scarborough

ID: 1145146

22. February 24, 2012: “We have to get Chris Christie back here…Wasn’t that an amazing talk yesterday?” — Joe Scarborough

Scarborough discussing Jonathan Capehart’s attempted grilling of the governor on the topic of marriage equality:

ID: 1146098

23. April 12, 2012: “My main man, Chris Christie. His numbers are insane! This guy is pushing 60% in New Jersey. One of the bluest states in America. In New Jersey! Come on! That’s just amazing.” — Joe Scarborough

ID: 1146212

24. May 8, 2012: “He’s one of the most popular governors in America.” — Joe Scarborough

ID: 1146305

25. June 12, 2012: “If Chris Christie would have decided to go (run for president), Chris would have won — he would have been out front.” — Joe Scarborough

ID: 1146326

26. November 7, 2012: On election night, Morning Joe defends Christie for working with Obama during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

SCARBOROUGH: “Chris Christie is going to get hammered over the next couple of weeks for doing his job and also for being bipartisan.”

ID: 1146416

27. November 27, 2012:

MIKA: “Governor Chris Christie is getting ready for a second term. The Republican governor has filed paperwork to run for reelection. Christie currently enjoys a record high approval rating from — following his hands on response to Hurricane Sandy.”

ID: 1146501

28. November 29, 2012: “You want to get re-elected? You want to be a hero in your party? Look at Chris Christie. Start to move over to the other side of the aisle.” — Donny Deutsch

ID: 1146580

29. December 13, 2012: “Springsteen, Bon Jovi, and Chris Christie.” — Joe Scarborough

ID: 1146612

30. December 14, 2012:

*Chris Christie is anti-abortion.

ID: 1146656

31. January 9, 2013: “You can read into those (poll) numbers and see there’s a diverse amount of support for him.” — Mika Brzezinski

SCARBOROUGH: “Conservatives that hate Chris Christie, let me repeat that; Chris Christie has a 73% approval rating.”

ID: 1146698

32. January 8, 2013: “Chris Christie, a huge leader in the party, came out against the NRA.” — Mark Halperin

ID: 1146714

33. January 22, 2013: “It will be very open for the Republican party in 2016 for somebody like a Chris Christie to step into the frey and seize the reins.” — Joe Scarborough

ID: 1146724

35. January 25, 2013: “Chris Christie has a new Facebook friend.” — Joe Scarborough

ID: 1146780

36. February 13, 2013: “He’s a smart man, Chris Christie, and he’s in the 70s.” — Joe Scarborough

ID: 1146942

37. February 20, 2013:

WILLIE GEIST: “New Jersey governor Chris Christie’s approval rating now at 74% in that state. That’s the highest the survey has ever recorded for a governor in the state of New Jersey. When it comes to a potential matchup in the 2016 presidential race, because why not, Hillary Clinton gets 49% against Chris Christie. He gets 45%”.

ID: 1146844

39. March 20, 2013: “Chris Christie just texted us.” — Joe Scarborough

ID: 1146950

40. March 27, 2013: “Governor Chris Christie assuring Queen Elizabeth that she has nothing to worry about when Prince Harry visits the Jersey Shore.” — Mike Barnicle

ID: 1146972

41. May 6, 2013: “We have to stop judging people who are struggling with their weight.” — Mika Brzezinski

ID: 1147054

42. May 7, 2013: “He’s a tough, hard charging guy.” — Joe Scarborough

MIKA: “He tried everything.

ID: 1147119

43. May 7, 2013:

ID: 1147082

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