15 More Very Questionable Retro Inventions

Let’s try and estimate the possible injuries that occurred.

1. Facial Snow Shield

Via Canada, from 1939.
No, no, no, NO.

ID: 996201

I like the idea behind it.
But, much like the show shields above, I foresee suffocation.

ID: 996210

3. Gas Attack Baby Stroller

Via England.

ID: 996296

4. Bronze Lips

“…cover your lips with our goo…”
For you Overly Attached Girlfriends.

ID: 996179

5. Car Dog Walker

Let’s move on to animal abuse.

ID: 996184

6. Running Board Dog Sack

Define “comfortably.”

ID: 996243

7. RectoRotor

15 seems such a random cutoff age…

ID: 996191

8. Wooden Bathing Suits

For those who don’t float well.

ID: 996215

9. “Mobile” Phone

Poor guy.

ID: 996225

10. Dimple Machine

Worked wonders, I’m sure.

ID: 996237

11. Glide-O-Bike

25¢ starts you dying, too.

ID: 996257

12. Entire Family Bike

…with a built-in sewing machine.

ID: 996306

13. Solar Bath Apparatus

“Diseases of the head” is such a broad term.

ID: 996359

14. Eye Exerciser


ID: 996369

15. Amphibious Bike

The look on the test subject’s face says it all.

ID: 996230

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