15 More Very Questionable Retro Inventions

Let’s try and estimate the possible injuries that occurred.

1. Facial Snow Shield

Via Canada, from 1939.
No, no, no, NO.


I like the idea behind it.
But, much like the show shields above, I foresee suffocation.

3. Gas Attack Baby Stroller

Via England.

4. Bronze Lips

“…cover your lips with our goo…”
For you Overly Attached Girlfriends.

5. Car Dog Walker

Let’s move on to animal abuse.

6. Running Board Dog Sack

Define “comfortably.”

7. RectoRotor

15 seems such a random cutoff age…

8. Wooden Bathing Suits

For those who don’t float well.

9. “Mobile” Phone

Poor guy.

10. Dimple Machine

Worked wonders, I’m sure.

11. Glide-O-Bike

25¢ starts you dying, too.

12. Entire Family Bike

…with a built-in sewing machine.

13. Solar Bath Apparatus

“Diseases of the head” is such a broad term.

14. Eye Exerciser


15. Amphibious Bike

The look on the test subject’s face says it all.

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