The Greatest Clint Eastwood Tweets

The actor went off script at the Republican National Convention today, yelled at an empty chair, lit up the crowd, and may have alarmed his TV audience. Twitter caught fire. posted on

That's what I thought! RT @dagdahlcast:" target="_blank">">@dagdahlcast: Clint's doing an old Albert Brooks routine!

I was watching the convention, fell asleep on the couch, and had this weird dream that Clint Eastwood...Oh, wait a minute...#GOP2012" target="_blank">">#GOP2012

eastwood representing libertarians around the country: pro freedom. anti war. and, more than likely, baked.

no i can't watch because i love Clint Eastwood so i can't watch because if he's having a weird live tv not-so-sane-moment i can't watch.

This is a perfect representation of the campaign: an old white man arguing with an imaginary Barack Obama.

Backstage somewhere, Clint Eastwood is yelling at people for almost sitting on Invisible Obama.

Eastwood/Chair 2012" target="_blank">">

Only possible Democratic response to Eastwood's performance is to have William Shatner sing "Rocket Man" as their keynote. #RNC" target="_blank">">#RNC

If Clint ends this bit with "The Aristocrats!", I swear I'll vote for Romney.

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