The Internet Reacts To The Obamacare Rollout

Memes have not been kind.

Obamacare has had a rough rollout, and the internet has been there to help us all get through it.

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1. The first memes were based on government IT incompetence.

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2. And the front page of the website took a beating.

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3. Much of the criticism revolved around the difficulties of accessing the Obamacare exchange.

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4. Some of the internet’s favorite memes got involved in the conversation…

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Disaster Girl…

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Bad Luck Brian…

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…and Poor Doge.

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5. The entertainment industry got involved too….

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Lord of the Rings

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Office Space

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Dr. Who and Walking Dead

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…and The Matrix.

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6. Some attacked Sandra Fluke.

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7. Some looked to ancient Greece to tell the story.

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8. “Not Bad” Obama showed up.

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9. There were lots of “More people did _____ than signed up for Obamacare.”

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These also got political.

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And some of these got weird.

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10. There were some topical Photoshops.

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11. Some disaffected Democrats posted that they were self-medicating over the problems.

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12. As did reputable news anchors.

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13. And the “Obamacare Fix” has been mocked broadly.

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14. Some people got detailed about the process.

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15. Some people have been truly overly dramatic.

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16. And of course, the internet stayed weird.

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17. But when Piers Morgan jumps in…

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…you know you have a problem. #DEALWITHIT

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